Side-scrolling platformer Domo The Journey will bring the lovable Domo-kun to iOS in February
By Matthew Diener 17 January 2013
Game Name: Domo the Journey | Publisher: Playlithium | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Adventure
The adorable Domo-kun has become something of a pop culture icon in the past few years.

After starting his life as a mascot for Japan's NHK TV station, Domo has branched out into the world of cute plushies, comic books, DSiWare video games and more.

Now, Domo will make his first appearance on iOS thanks to Playlithium and Horse Feathers in the upcoming Domo the Journey.

Major Domo

In Domo the Journey, players will guide the rectangular do-gooder Domo along in a quest to rescue his best friend, Tashanna, who was captured by Hungry Bear.

This rescue will take Domo through 25 side-scrolling levels spread across five different game worlds ranging from the dark depths of a forest to the heights of the freezing alps.

Along the way, players can collect power-ups to give Domo a chance to wail on enemies with his guitar or stun them with his paparazzi camera flash technique.

At current, Domo the Journey has a release window of early February 2013 but we will keep you updated with news of its release when we know more.

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