The Oliver Twins turn to Kickstarter to reboot '80s platformer Dizzy on iOS
By Mark Brown 23 November 2012
Game Name: Dizzy Returns | Developer: Blitz Games Studios | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform, Puzzle
After Broken Sword, Elite, Shadowrun, and Wasteland, Dizzy is the latest classic game franchise that's hoping to gain a new lease of life via a Kickstarter campaign.

Dizzy - a UK-born platforming hero - was a talking egg with boxing gloves who starred in a whole slew of games on creaky old computers like the Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Amiga.

In the words of Dizzy designers Philip and Andrew Oliver, the franchise contains "quirky characters and story, interesting locations, platforming challenges, [and] the satisfaction of a puzzle well-solved", all inside a "colourful, fun world".


It's been 20 years since Dizzy's last outing (not counting the iOS remake of Prince of the Yolkfolk), but the Oliver Twins want to bring the egg back to life. So to speak.

To that end, Kumo Lumo developer Blitz Games Studios - the Oliver Twins' own video game development firm - plans to build a brand-new Dizzy game called Dizzy Returns for both PC and iOS.

Concept art

"We believe that Dizzy Returns is a perfect fit for mobile gaming," the Oliver Twins state on their Kickstarter page.

"Touchscreen technology obviously means that we can experiment with and implement new mechanics and new ways of playing in Dizzy Returns."

This new version - if funded - will have 3D characters, a hint system, and puzzles not possible on old platforms (e.g. tricky head scratchers that involve physics, time, and light). You'll also be able to experience the game in "Retro Mode", with 8-bit graphics and a Classic difficulty level.

Crystal Kingdom

The game has a modest Kickstarter goal of £350,000, and it has a month to raise the funds. If it doesn't, "the game won't be made, simple as that".

Backers can secure rewards like T-shirts, a boxed copy of the PC game, a studio tour, and an appearance in the game by putting their money where their mouth is.

If Dizzy Returns does get funded, it should be out towards the second half of 2013. Will you back this game? Eggs-plain your reasons in the comments below (oh, come on, let us have this one).

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