Fill waves of interstellar zombies with futuristic lead in upcoming space-faring FPS Dead Effect
By Harry Slater 10 May 2013
Game Name: Dead Effect | Publisher: Michal Hochmajer | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Shooter
Ah, zombies. The undead. Flesh-munching monsters from beyond the grave with no concept of morality or humanity... just an all-encompassing urge to gnaw the meat from our bones.

How we love to shoot their faces off.

And pretty soon we're going to be able to do it in space. In Michal Hochmajer's - "that name's a lawsuit waiting to happen" - Dead Effect, to be precise.

On a doomed spaceship in the distant future, you are the lone survivor of a zombie holocaust who wakes up from cryosleep to find that the rest of the crew has gone a bit, well, scabby.

Your only option is to shoot them dead 'again', using all of the space weaponry that just happens to be lying around.

Cue lots of gorgeous gore and impressive lighting effects as the ravenous hordes descend on you for one last meal.

According to comments left by the game's developer below the Dead Effect trailer on YouTube, this forthcoming first-person shooter will feature a campaign mode as well as arena battles.

One more thing... Dead Effect should see the light of day on the App Store in either July or August.
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