MMORPG Dawn of the Dragons brings epic plot, complex guilds and hardcore PVP to iPhone
By Jon Jordan 15 February 2013
Game Name: Dawn of the Dragons | Developer: 5th Planet Games | Format: iPhone | Genre: RPG
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Plenty of web publishers are now bringing their games to mobile.

Kingdoms of Camelot outfit Kabam is one that's seen massive success in 2012, and that's exactly where 5th Planet Games wants to be in 2013.

It's just released its epic MMORPG Dawn on the Dragons for iPhone and iPod touch. (For some reason, there's no native iPad version yet.)

Go deep

Launched on Facebook and other web platforms like Kongregate and Armor Games in 2010, the iPhone version is set in the same universe and follows the same plot.

The games aren't connected, however, given that most web players will be so much more advanced that their fellow iPhone noobs.

Setting the scene

Players start off in the town of Burden's Rest, part of the Kingdom of West Kruna, defending it from a horde of monsters.

As a free-to-play RPG, you set up your character within the usual customisation options, and then get down to battle, levelling up, gaining items, weapons and gold (including crafting), and using up stamina as you go.

Actually, there are four personal resources you have to look after: stamina, health, energy and honour.

Of course, in these early - tutorial - parts of the game, things are fairly easy and you can't go awry, but quickly Dawn on the Dragons starts to demonstrate the complex universe, characters and plot that have made it such a success on the web.

With me, against me

It has neat customisation options so you can equip your character with plenty of loot, as well as buying NPCs (from troops to generals) and mounts that will provide additional strength when you're in battle.

And, in particular, the game has a strong guild system (which is where the honour resource comes into play) that's linked into quests and raids that involve cooperative and competitive action.

In particular, given the game's title, to take down powerful dragons, you'll have to group up and work as a team, else it's burnt adventurers all-round.

Dawn on the Dragons is out now for iPhone and iPod touch, or various web platforms.
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