Konami's latest Dance Dance Revolution game boogies onto the US App Store
By James Gilmour 14 February 2013
Game Name: DDR Dance Wars | Publisher: Konami | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade, Music/ Rhythm
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Konami has just released another finger-tapping entry in the Dance Dance Revolution series: DDR Dance Wars for iOS.

As with previous entries in Konami's popular arcade franchise, players must hit arrow prompts in time to the music. 

Of course, players get to use their thumbs instead of their feet for these mobile incarnations of DDR, meaning you don't have to bust out your moonwalk on a crowded bus.

Fancy fingerwork

In DDR Dance Wars, you can join forces with three of your body-popping pals to compete against other crews in a Dance Battle.

Alternatively, you and your Dance Crew can try an Event Battle, in which tackle a series of twinkle-toed bosses for prestige and accessories.

If you prefer it to be just you and the music, however, you can always boogie your way through the classic Mission Mode solo.

Though we've been unable to download the app in the UK, DDR Dance Wars should be available to download in the US now. It's free to download, but expect to find IAPs lurking within.
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