Gorgeous Soul Calibur-esque slasher Blade Lords now available from the Canadian App Store
By James Gilmour 20 November 2012
Game Name: Blade Lords | Developer: Playsoft | Publisher: Playsoft | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Fighting
The beta for Playsoft's weapon-based fantasy brawler Blade Lords is now available for free from the Canadian App Store.

Thrown into a universe that merges elements from both Western and Eastern history, you must choose from one of four fighters in Blade Lords, and then battle the Dark Lord to prevent his army from conquering the world.

In true Soul Calibur fashion, these battles play out as one-on-one bouts of sword-swinging ferocity.

Whether you're playing as Ninja assassin Kyogen or the vicious demon Hitodama, you'll need to master your character's unique abilities if you want to be the last man standing.

The developer of Blade Lords has also seasoned its steely broth with a dash of RPG-style progression, allowing you to customise your character's equipment, as well as manage their stat upgrades.

Though we've yet to play the game, there's no denying Blade Lords is a handsome-looking title, thanks in no small part to the visual clout provided by the Unreal Engine.

We European types will just have to wait to test the gameplay out for ourselves, mind. In the meantime, Canadian iOS users can grab Blade Lords from their App Store for free now.
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