Kairosoft brings Beastie Bay's Pokemon-inspired creature battles to iOS
By James Gilmour 07 February 2013
Game Name: Beastie Bay | Developer: Kairosoft | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG, Strategy, Virtual Pet/ Toy
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After a spell of Google Play exclusivity, Kairosoft's Pokemon-inspired creature battler Beastie Bay is now available on iPhone and iPad.

Having built a reputation for producing top-tier mobile management sims, Kairosoft strays further into turn-based battle territory than ever before with this zoological pixel-art adventure.

Shipwrecked on a tropical island with your animal buddy, you must explore the island and locate materials to build a home.

Of course, you soon discover you're not the only living thing on the island, and find yourself scuffling with the local wildlife in no time at all.

Have to accumulate the lot

As in Pokemon games, combat is at the core of the Beastie Bay experience. Battles play out as turn-based bouts, with an ever-increasing array of special moves and abilities available to give you that all-important edge.

Though we felt Beastie Bay lacked the compulsive draw of the best Pokemon titles, we mostly enjoyed it, Heck, we gave it a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award, after all.

You can download Beastie Bay from the App Store for free right now.

By the way: if you need a helping hand with your creature training, check out our Beastie Bay hints and tips guide.
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