Mika Mobile releases the 1st trailer for its upcoming RPG sequel Battleheart Legacy
By Harry Slater 04 November 2013
Game Name: Battleheart Legacy | Developer: Mika Mobile | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, RPG
Mika Mobile's Battleheart surfaced on the App Store two years ago. Here, the California-based studio had developed a clever way to play RPGs on touchscreen devices.

We gave the game a Silver Award at review, saying that "Battleheart's thrilling concoction of strategy and role-playing will prove spellbinding to any iPhone gamer looking for a quality fantasy action title."

So, you can imagine we were all pretty excited here in Pocket Gamer's huge castle when we discovered that a sequel is on the way.

First off, it's called Battleheart Legacy. Second off, Mika Mobile takes the series fully into the third dimension here. You can see what I mean in the trailer below.

It's good to see that the cheeky sense of humour at the heart of Battleheart has survived the 'transition' intact, and that much of the original's cartoon style is still evident in the sequel's characters.

There appears to be a good deal more depth to proceedings this time around, too, though the clever controls are still present and correct.

We'll update you as soon as we find out more details about Battleheart Legacy. For the time being, though, you can certainly file it under 'Ones to Watch'.

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