Donkey Kong Country-esque endless-runner Banana Kong sprinting onto iOS at midnight
By Anthony Usher 23 January 2013
Game Name: Banana Kong | Publisher: FDG Entertainment | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Endless running
Beyond Ynth and Blueprint 3D developer FDG Entertainment has just released a Donkey Kong Country-inspired 2D endless-runner called Banana Kong.

It's available to download right now for 69p / 99c from the New Zealand App Store, so you'll find it sprinting through the UK and US from around midnight this evening.

In Banana Kong, you - unsurprisingly - take control of a knuckle-walking gorilla, who must run, jump, bounce, and swing through various environments in order to avoid a deadly (but delicious) banana avalanche.

In sticky situations, Banana Kong allows you to call upon your jungle friends to help you out.

You can jump on the back of a boar and quickly cover lots of ground, for example, or grab hold of a toucan and take to the skies to avoid crocodiles and the other obstacles that litter your path.

Banana Kong
isn't just about outrunning an inevitable fruit-based death, though. It's also about outrunning your friends.

Thanks to Apple's Game Center, you can view your friends' distance records right in the game, and unlock achievements as you attempt to bypass their efforts.

We featured Banana Kong in our top 20 most anticipated iOS and Android games of 2013, so be sure to check FDG's new endless-runner out at midnight this evening.
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