Silver Award RTS Autumn Dynasty will get a sequel this October in Autumn Dynasty Warlords
By Chris Priestman 19 August 2013
Game Name: Autumn Dynasty Warlords | Developer: Touch Dimensions | Publisher: Touch Dimensions | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Singapore-based strategy developer Touch Dimensions has announced a sequel to its Silver Award-winning RTS, Autumn Dynasty.

It's called Autumn Dynasty Warlords, and it's slated to hit the App Store in October.

While much will stay the same, the camera has been pulled back further to allow for more strategic planning. See:

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

That wide camera view will be helpful for the game's major new features: city building, unit recruiting, and taking on quests. All features that are being added to the original game's focus on tactical battles. 

In Warlords, your mission will be to unite China and hastily turn the attention of its armies towards the barbaric foreigners about to invade. 

On a related note, a tweet reveals that the original Autumn Dynasty will be coming to Android devices in the near future.

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