Unreal-powered space shooter Arc Squadron docks at base for new update
By Jeremy Thackray 30 November 2012
Game Name: Arc Squadron  | Developer: Psyonix | Publisher: Psyonix | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade, Shooter
Probably the best way to describe Psyonix's Arc Squadron for iPhone and iPad is 'StarFox by way of Rez'. So, we did. Good, innit.

That particular mixture has proven to be a pretty potent one, for Psyonix's space blaster not only swooped in to grab a Silver Award from our reviewer, but was also named as Game of the Week on November 5th by our readers.

Well, a new update to the game might just make it even more appealing.

In version 1.2 of Arc Squadron, Psyonix has added support for iCloud and included additional items in the in-game Hangar.

Most interestingly, though, perhaps, the update includes "increased maximum sensitivity for touch input."

It might sound like a tiny technical fix, but in our review Matt said that the controls "could do with a bump in sensitivity, even beyond their maximum setting'" and marked the game down for it. Looks like someone at Psyonix was taking note.

Furthermore, the price of Arc Squadron tumbled back down to 69p yesterday, though we didn't tell Psyonix to do that. It's just being nice.

Arc Squadron is available now on iPhone and iPad.
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