[Update] Win iTunes vouchers by topping Pocket Gamer's Appy Nerd Gamer X leaderboard
By Danny Russell 06 June 2014
Game Name: Appy Nerd - Flap Nightmare | Developer: Steel Media Ltd | Publisher: Steel Media Ltd | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual
Steel Media's very own Appy Nerd: Flap Nightmare game hit the App Store last week.

If you haven't had a shot at it just yet, though, good news! You have a fortnight to post a high score in the game and win some lovely iTunes vouchers.

Appy Nerd is the tale of a bespectacled young chap by the name of Norman, lost in a world of cables and obsolete handhelds.

With only a magical flying notebook on his back and the dream of proving that one day he'll be a real gamer to inspire him, Norman needs guidance. Yours.

Competition time

When asked about Appy Nerd, the our ever-elusive friend Gamer X replied: "I have never seen a game quite like this. It's a masterpiece critiquing the concept of free-to-play ad-based games by being one itself. Why are you looking at me like that?

"Anyway. I'm laying down a challenge. The Pocket Gamer readers with the top three scores on the Game Center leaderboard for Appy Nerd will be bestowed with just the right amount of Internet FameTM. Oh, and they'll also have a tidy sum added to their iTunes account.

"I'll decide the winners at 12 noon on that most celebrated of days, June 6th (a.k.a. the 30th anniversary of Tetris)."

Here are the prizes on offer, by the way...

1st prize = £30 of iTunes credit / $50 of iTunes credit
2nd prize = £15 of iTunes credit / $25 of iTunes credit
3rd prize = £10 of iTunes credit / $17 of iTunes credit

How to enter

So, what do you have to do to take part? Well, that's the easy part.Go on, you could become the Appiest Nerd of all time!

Updated on June 6th, at 17:00: The omnipresent Gamer X has made his ruling. And it is not one to be messed with.

"We have had some serious contenders in the past fortnight. All after a piece of my beloved Internet FameTM. However, there can only be... three."

The top three qualifying entrants for the competition were as follows:

Congratulations to Move Baba for his astounding score of 773. Congratulations, too, to Lidija and Nadav for their particularly close scores!

Please get in touch via our Twitter or e-mail for your iTunes credit codes, stating whether you'd prefer them in USD or GBP.

At a press conference just after lunch, Gamer X issued the following statement:

"Move Baba's score has cemented him as The Appiest Nerd of All Time. He will be known under this title henceforth, for all eternity. On this day of Tetris, there are no losers. We all get to the top in the end."

With that, Gamer X bestowed Internet FameTM upon Move Baba, Lidija, and Nadav through an intense, unspoken haiku thought to transcend space and time.

Congratulations again to our top three entrants. Many thanks to everyone else for taking part in the competition.

Gamer X will return. Soon...

Competition rules
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