Infinite Scoop: TSMC to begin production of A6X chip during Q2 2013
By Anthony Usher 14 January 2013
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Each and every day, we have to sit at our desks in Pocket Gamer Towers and sort through hundreds of new - and often outlandish - iPhone and iPad rumours.

It's a bit of a boring job. But, we've had a brainwave.

Instead of reporting on every single rumour that we stumble across while surfing the interwebs, we're simply going to feature the juiciest (no pun intended) Apple-related tittle-tattle in a handy round-up.

Sound good? Then read on.

Powering the future

According to Taiwanese newspaper the Commercial Times, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is set to begin a trial production of the A6X chip that powers Apple's fourth-generation iPad.

If true, these chips will likely be used inside the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, depending on what the Cupertino-based company calls the next iteration of its much-loved smartphone.

The Commercial Times believes that TSMC could start real production of Apple's chip sometime during Q2 2013.

That's a no, then?

Will Apple release a budget iPhone?

According to the Shanghai Evening News, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, has stated that Apple will focus on making the "best products" possible, and won't "blindly pursue market share".

That's not a definite 'no', mind.

It once looked like the Cupertino giant would resist entering the 7-inch tablet market at all costs, but Apple eventually caved in, releasing the popular iPad mini late last year.

Fingers crossed, then.

MacRumors / Reuters

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