Chocoarts's Almightree is an upcoming Zelda-inspired 3D puzzler for iOS
By Wesley Copeland 30 September 2013
Game Name: Almightree  | Developer: Chocoarts | Publisher: Crescent Moon Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: 3D, Puzzle
The similarities between Almightree and The Legend of Zelda are obvious.

Stylistically and musically speaking, it's easy to see from where Chocoarts draws inspiration.

I mean, there's even a plant-like nut-spitting character in Almightree that is the spitting image of a Deku.

Where Chocoarts aims to differentiate Almightree, however, is the manner in which you play it.

You see, Almightree is a 3D action-puzzler where you teleport different types of plant blocks (known as "plantsportation") to enable them to traverse a floating path filled with obstacles... and Dekus, naturally.

In the Almightee story itself, you follow a lowly boy whose world is falling to pieces.

If he's going to stop the world from destroying itself, then he has to find a way to revive the almighty Almightree and restore peace and balance to the land.

Chocoarts hasn't confirmed a release for Almightree yet. According to a poster on the Touch Arcade forums, though, it'll be available at some point in the next two months.
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