Rock out with your iPad out, award-winning management sim A Story of A Band comes to iOS
By Matthew Diener 03 October 2013
Game Name: A Story of a Band | Publisher: Hot Byte Games | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Simulation
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Leading a band from obscurity to superstardom is not an easy task, but it's one that lends itself quite well to a mobile management game.

A Story of a Band proved that quite capably last summer when it picked up a Pocket Gamer Silver Award for mixing a time-devouring, Kairosoft-ian approach to management mechanics with the "incredibly deep action" found in its turn-based rock battles.

Now, a year after its Android release, this epic tale of music and management has finally arrived on the App Store.

Band of brothers

In our review, we said that "There's so much to mess around with in A Story of a Band that it'll be a good while before we start getting bored." and we found the pacing to be excellent overall.

You can choose to record all manner of albums from concept, live, and 'best of's and once you have them wrapped you'll have to juggle touring with appealing to your fans.

This juggling act isn't particularly easy, but it is realistic: if you tour too frequently and become too popular, your number of fans will steadily drop as your fame rises because - really - who wants to admit to being a fan of the flavour du jour?

We did find A Story of a Band to be a bit difficult at times, but if you're willing to practice a bit we have every confidence that you'll make it big.

And if not, well, the iOS version comes with a new selectable difficulty mode so you tweak it until you're happy with the challenge level.
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