It will take more than 1001 Attempts to master this upcoming game
By Mark Brown 20 February 2013
Game Name: 1001 Attempts | Developer: CookieBit | Publisher: Everplay Interactive | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade, Platform
Meet 1001 Attempts: a manic, lightning-paced, gravity-flipping retro arcade romp from Spellsword developer Everplay.

Your goal is simple. Just bounce between the floor and ceiling while collecting gems and avoiding spinning saw blades, pokey drill bits, soaring missiles, and enormous laser beams. Simple.

Okay, so it's actually rock hard. Everything is out to kill you, and attempts (all 1,001 of them - maybe the game stops working at that point? Who knows) can last mere seconds.


It reminds me of games like Super Hexagon (with its thumping chiptune soundtrack), and Super Crate Box (with its pint-size pixel hero).

Oh, and there's a little Super Meat Boy in there, too. Every time you die, you'll leave a tiny blood splatter on the backdrop. (Sadly, it's not totally persistent - the background is wiped clean when the app is closed. Boo.)

1001 Attempts will hit the App Store on February 28th as a Universal app for iPhone and iPad.

By the way, we're still waiting for Everplay to launch Ace of Blades, an action-adventure set in the same universe as Spellsword.

Last we heard, it's out in either late February or early March.
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