10000000, the Bronze Award-winning puzzling dungeon delver, is just 69p / 99c on iPad and iPhone
By Harry Slater 07 May 2014
Game Name: 10000000 | Publisher: EightyEightGames | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle, RPG
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It might have a really bad name, but Bronze Award-winning puzzle dungeonering adventure 1000000 still has an awful lot going for it.

And you can now add 'being cheap at the moment' to that list.

Right now the game will set you back just 69p / 99c on the App Store, which isn't that much of an investment for a game we described as "an enjoyable fusion of match-three and RPG."

If that sounds like it might be up your alley, head on over to the App Store and stuff 10000000 onto your iOS device post haste.
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