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Rumour: Amiga sporting classic launching on Xperia Play next week
by James Nouch 17/5/2012
Product: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Format: Xperia Play
Pocket Gamer's embedded agent at Sony Mobile has brought word that a 'violent' Amiga sporting classic will soon see an Android re-release, launching first on the Xperia Play.

Rumours suggest that this updated version of the nineties classic will pop up on the Xperia Play's launcher sometime next week, boasting full-optimisation for the Play's physical controls as well as a graphical spit and polish.

Further details are sparse, though if previous Xperia Play timed-exclusives are anything to go by, Android gamers can expect the title in question to launch for touchscreen handsets a few weeks later.

Xperia Play owners can expect a full reveal sometime next week.
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