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Max Payne Mobile finally makes it to the Xperia Play
by Harry Slater 14/6/2012
Product: Max Payne Mobile
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Format: Xperia Play
Genre: Action, Shooter
Max Payne Mobile, Rockstar's handheld version of the classic bullet time infused shooter, has been released on the Google Play Store today, and Xperia Play owners can experience all the grit and noir-style violence with their slide out gamepads.

First rumoured to be on the way in April, Max Payne Mobile is fully optimised for the Xperia Play, and features Rockstar Social Club integration that lets you brag about your scores and grab exclusive content.

You can even use the Social Club to access a variety of cheats that change the way the game plays.

With all of the comicbook style cut scenes still in place, and the graphics given a HD polish, Max Payne Mobile offers you the chance to leap around in slow motion like the past decade never happened, and is available from the Google Play Store right now for $2.99/£2.32 [download].
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