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Free vampire MMO Dark Legends arrives on the Xperia Play
by James Nouch 16/4/2012
Product: Dark Legends
Developer: Spacetime Studios
Publisher: Spacetime Studios
Format: Xperia Play
Genre: Action, Multiplayer
Spacetime Studios's freemium MMO Dark Legends has arrived on the Xperia Play, offering players 3D bloodsucking action with full support for the handset's physical controls.

After a clandestine nation of vampires is discovered by a fearful human population, men and women turn to the dark arts and their superior technology to hunt these supernatural foes.

Playing as a vampire, hounded at every turn by murderous humans, you must make full use of your nosferatu strength and fight back. Oh, and don't forget to use your bloody great fangs, too.

Fangs for the memories

Spacetime Studios insists that the title is truly free-to-play, and that players can progress through all in-game content and achieve the maximum power level with no expenditure.

That may be true, but unless you're willing to do a bit of grinding, you should expect to fork out for time-saving 'platinum' if you want to really sink your teeth into Dark Legends.

Even if you do run out of energy though (and refuse to pay for the privilege of a top-up), there's still opportunities to explore in Dark Legends's world.

Since all players connect to the same world on the same server set, you shouldn't have any trouble locating your friends for an in-game chinwag.

Dark Legends is available now from Google Play, and is free to download. And as our gift to you, help yourself to a free, exclusive weapon, just for Pocket Gamer readers. 

We're too kind, we are.
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