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Unity won't support Windows Phone 7

No Shadowgun = no fun

Product: Windows Phone news | Manufacturer: Microsoft
Windows Phone news Windows Phone, thumbnail 1
Windows Phone 7 users will be unable to play games powered by the Unity engine.

David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies, delivered the bad news in an interview with Develop. He said that while his company is “looking at” Windows Phone 8 compatibility, there will be no Unity support for Windows Phone 7.

Helgason says his company's decision not to support Microsoft's mobile platform was a result of its inability to run native content.

“We talk to Microsoft a lot, and we were involved in looking at Windows Phone 7 early on, but they couldn’t open up the platform, and that led to us deciding to not support it,” he said.

Case closed

Winner of the Wall Street Journal 2010 Technology Innovation Award, the Unity engine powers thousands of iOS and Android apps, including highly regarded titles like Gears, Battleheart, and Shadowgun.

The absence of these popular games - and the unknown number to come - from Microsoft's mobile platform could well make hardcore gamers think twice before swapping their Android or iOS device for a Window Phone 7 handset.


Reviewer photo
James Gilmour 14 November 2011
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Nov 2011
Post count:
Ordeith | 21:53 - 15 November 2011
Their excuse, it is full of fail.

Jul 2009
Post count:
CaptainCalamity | 11:42 - 15 November 2011
Having owned Windows Phone, Android and IOS with the phones HD7, Iphone 3gs, 4 and briefly a 4s, now running a Galaxy s2, for me the Android especially the superb SGS2 suits, but I can't knock any of the other phones as they all handle things differently, although the thing I kept coming up against with Windows Phone was the apps higher costs and availability than both Ios and Android, when it comes to smartphones IOS is probably the firsts on peoples minds, followed closely by Android, where as Windows Phone, the general public just don't really know about, its a fresh fantastically simply UI, with some great integration with mail and social focus, I just don't trust its future, will it go the way of the WebOS?
Apr 2011
Post count:
Steven Seagal | 23:53 - 14 November 2011
Windows Phone 7's a beautiful OS. It looks good, works exceptionally well and Microsoft's insistence on minimum hardware requirements means virtually no fragmentation. It just came too late. The market was already saturated with iOS and Android when it came out so it's never been given a chance. To be honest I think it was stupid of them to think it was going to succeed in the first place. But that doesn't mean it's crap. It does have a lot less developer attention than iOS or Android, simply because of the saturation. In any case, it's amazing that we're seeing the kind of games we're seeing these days on our smartphones, regardless of the OS. I mean, how odd is it that I'm waiting for the release of GTA 3 for my phone? MY PHONE! It's incredible.
Nov 2011
Post count:
06agrantie | 23:26 - 14 November 2011
Guys, calm down.
Preferring an iPhone to a console in terms of gaming is fine, but the two are completely non-comparable.
An mobile game is designed to entertain for 15 mins while on a break at work, while a console game like any of those mentioned before are designed to squeeze the maximum amout of entertainment into a disc. They could be played for hours at a time without ever getting repetitive.
Could either of you imagine playing fruit ninja for 5 hours?
Pretty dull right?
I have played games like Forza 4 or Mass effect 2 for that amount of time before.
Playing a single game on my iPad 2 for more than an hour seems like a exercise in endurance rather than fun.
Mobile games should not be compared to consoles in any way other than genre.

Regarding windows phone, unless you have owned and used a windows phone for a few weeks, then I would say that you we're unqualified to write it off or praise it uncontrollably. I have never used a windows phone so I cannot comment further.
Mar 2011
Post count:
TheCrunkedOutScholar | 22:42 - 14 November 2011
@klouud, in what way is Windows Phone horrible? I'm sorry but you can't just write off an entire platform without giving any reasons. Every tech website from the likes of Gizmodo and Engadget have given glowing reviews for Windows Phone. Having tried it myself recently, in terms of everyday use for messaging, Facebook integration, office integration, email etc it's the best experience I've had....by an absolute mile, straight out of the box. With the likes of Samsung and Google other Android manufacturers getting smacked around by both Apple, Nokia and Microsoft in the patent battles, it would be insane to write off Windows Phone.

And seriously iPhone 4S gaming on a big screen beating an X-Box? For the record I'm a PS3 owner, Uncharted 3, Arkham City, Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls - Skyrim enough said, some of the finest gaming experiences ever, all released in the last couple weeks, as a gamer it has been one of the best months in history, if you own a Wii you get the new Zelda even Rayman Origins is supposed to be great too. I have an iPhone 4S too, but seriously these platforms cannot be compared, the gulf is that huge. That's kinda like prefering the crap rock of Nickelback to the beauty and finesse of Radiohead. Or preferring Dan Brown to Steinbeck.

Depends how you define "biggest", in terms of revenue, sure it's Apple. In terms of market share, no, not even close. Samsung and Nokia both ship way more phones than Apple. Apple is nowhere near being the no.1 cellphone provider in the world.

Everything you've said is total fanboying with zero basis. I'm an Apple fan too, but jeez I thought us Apple fans were supposed to be smart?
Dec 2008
Post count:
klouud | 22:09 - 14 November 2011
@arigato - traditional hardcore gamers opt for a larger screen. I much prefer my i4S to my XBox360. Can't wait to upgrade to a true HD TV + Apple TV so I can game on the big screen as well.

But if that wasn't even an option I would still prefer my i4S.

times they are a changin.

Dec 2008
Post count:
klouud | 22:07 - 14 November 2011
So this affects like 5 or 6 people globally right? Which brings me to my next question... Windows has a phone? LOL!! Duh!! They aren't supporting it because there isn't a big enough financial return for the cost/time it will take to supper the platform. Android and iOS have completely taken over. Windows phone is just horrible - regardless if Nokia jumps on board - which is no longer the World's #1 cell phone provider. Guess who is? Big surprise... its Apple.

Not fanboying it up... I'm just swing what everyone is thinking.

Nov 2011
Post count:
Arigato | 18:17 - 14 November 2011
Who cares? Why should I play in a small screen? Hardcore gamers opted for bigger screen to get better experience.