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iBlast Moki

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Blast from the past

Product: iBlast Moki | Developer: Godzilab | Format: Windows Phone | Genre: Casual, Puzzle | Players: 1 | File size: 15MB | Version: Europe
iBlast Moki Windows Phone, thumbnail 1
Something rather strange is happening to Windows Phone Marketplace. It's starting to fill up.

It's taken some time, but slowly and surely the games on the platform are multiplying. A fair few of them are already certified hits, too, with the majority having already earned their stripes on iPhone.

Of course, while that guarantees the platform a certain level of quality – it's unlikely the Redmond giant would consider courting a bevy of Doodle Jump clones – it also sets a dangerous point of reference: if the big hits stutter on Windows Phone 7, it's not going to do the platform any favours.

You have reached your destination

Which brings us nicely to iBlast Moki. After a major update – the original buggy release was quite literally a non-starter for many – it's pleasing to see that Godzilab's potent puzzler is just as enduring on its new home.

For the unschooled, iBlast Moki puts you in charge of one or more 'Mokis' – endearing and immobile lumps looking to make their way to a warpgate, usually located in hard-to-reach spots on the other side of the level.

Your role is to use the tools at your disposal - primarily a batch of timed bombs – to blast the Mokis towards their goal. The quicker they warp out of play, the more points you pick up, with the following stage only unlocked once all the Mokis have been sent on their way.

Deploying the bombs themselves requires nothing more than a drag of the finger to place them where you choose. Setting the timer is just as simple - drawing circles around the each bomb adds seconds.

Do it yourself

If you've positioned your explosives correctly, the resulting blast should be enough to shoot your Mokis into the portal.

Later, however, iBlast Moki ups its game somewhat, with bombs joined by a whole host of objects – balloons and rope, for example – that set off chain reactions of sorts.

As with many of its iPhone-based brethren, iBlast Moki's strength is drawn not only from the way it expands on a simple formula, but also from the manner in which it does so.

Same old story

In terms of presentation, Godzilab's puzzler looks just as gorgeous on Windows Phone 7 as it ever did on iPhone.

That said, perhaps the one fault that can be laid at the door of iBlast Moki's latest crack at the whip is that, despite the odd alteration to the game's branding, there's nothing new here to tempt those who have already experienced this potent puzzler on other formats.

It is, for better or worse, the same game as it ever was.
iBlast Moki
Reviewer photo
Keith Andrew | 28 February 2011
It's initial bugs now brushed aside, iBlast Moki's cute and cuddly puzzler is as addictive as ever on its new home
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