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Silver Award-winning Spy Mouse sneaks onto Windows Phone-powered Nokia devices
by Anthony Usher 11/1/2013
Product: Spy Mouse
Developer: Firemint
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Format: Windows Phone
Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Casual
Silver Award-winning iOS and Android puzzler Spy Mouse can now be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone-powered Nokia devices.

In Spy Mouse, you slip into the tuxedo of a cheese-loving super-sleuth, who's been tasked with sneaking into secure complexes and stealing tasty snacks from under the noses of the felines that guard them.

Every secret agent has his own stash of super-secret gadgets, of course, and this game's stealthy rodent is no different.

So, you can use a wide variety of gizmos and power-ups to overcome the hench-cats that stand in the way of your completing your mission.

Spy Mouse is a line-drawing game similar in nature to Flight Control. This means you have to draw the path you want the game's protagonist to take onto your device's screen with your finger.

You can download this Xbox Live-enabled version of Spy Mouse right now for Windows Phone 7.5- and Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia devices [buy].

It will set you back £2.29 / $2.99.

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