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Ubisoft lets slip details of Rayman Jungle Run for Windows Phone in sales report
by Leighton Owen 8/2/2013
Product: Rayman Jungle Run
Developer: Pastagames
Publisher: Ubisoft
Format: Windows Phone
Genre: Endless running
Unintentionally revealing release dates for software is turning into a bit of a habit in the portable gaming sphere, isn't it.

After an EA employee outed Real Racing 3 for iOS on his Game Center profile just the other day, Ubisoft has published details of its upcoming slate of mobile titles in a (presumably) rather understated fashion.

To explain. In Ubi's sales report for the last quarter, the French studio has let slip the release schedule for its forthcoming mobile and online games.

So, we now know, for instance, that the excellent iOS auto-runner Rayman Jungle Run and the Bronze Award-winning action-puzzler Monster Burner will be sprinting onto Windows Phone soon.

Very soon, in fact.

Who, what, where

According to the aforementioned sales report, Rayman Jungle Run, Monster Burner, and a third game (Rabbids Go Phone Again) will all be available from Microsoft's Windows Phone Store by the end of March.

What we don't know, though, are the prices of these three games; whether they will be compatible with Windows Phone 7 or 8; and if they have Xbox Live integration.

We reached out to a Ubisoft representative for more details a few minutes ago, but, unfortunately, he couldn't comment any further on this forthcoming trio of Windows Phone games.

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