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Which Is The Best Operating System For Online Gaming?

For: Windows 8
Developers Corner submission by Developers Corner
Which Is The Best Operating System For Online Gaming?

When it comes to online gaming, everyone has an opinion. Whether it’s about the best gaming chairs, the best monitors, or the best keyboards, gamers often research their options, try out a few different products, and settle on what is, in their view, the best of the bunch. But operating systems are less commonly thought of in online gaming circles, yet their influence on the gaming experience is profound.

Whether you’re playing a MMORPG like World of Warcraft, or you’re more into online casino gaming, playing slots for real money like Mega Moolah, the operating system plays a key role in how your experience takes shape. So what operating systems work best for those who like to spend their time gaming online, and what are the options facing people looking to get the best results from their existing system? We’ve put together our recommendations for the top 3 operating systems that best meet the needs of online gamers.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is perhaps an unsurprising recommendation here, but we can only follow the facts. Microsoft’s current flagship operating system, Windows 10 ships as standard on most new-build computers worldwide. It has benefited from a concerted effort at Microsoft HQ to develop a platform even more responsive to the needs of gamers, with the company recognising this as one of its key demographics, alongside business users and students. In fact, so much of a priority has gaming become that it’s now possible to enjoy an even more seamless experience between your laptop and your Xbox, streaming games from one to the other where supported.

The OS is optimised for efficiency and processing speed, and delivers games that are slick to play and render graphics quickly and smoothly. DirectX 12 comes as standard, and gives gamers all the power they need and more, applicable for even the most resource-intensive of games. Ideal for laptop, as well as desktop gamers, this easily remains our number one choice for anyone looking for a good OS experience for their gaming.

Windows 7

In second place, Windows 7 is the best non-Windows 10 operating system for gamers. Obviously this OS is now a few generations old, and aside from XP, has the title of being Windows’ most successful operating system ever. It is hugely customisable, perfect for the needs of gamers who will look for more performance-heavy features than your average user, and had the ability for the first time to tweak things more effectively to suit their requirements.

It still has support for the latest DirectX software, so even today is able to adequately handle the latest games. Particularly for online gaming, you’re likely to still enjoy a fast, high quality experience on your device, in an environment that was much more stable than both its predecessor and its immediate successors. On the downside, Microsoft will be abandoning support for this OS in 2020, by which time it hopes Windows 10 will have taken up the mantle. But for at least the next few years, this remains an excellent choice for gaming, and one of the best operating systems going if you care about maximising your gaming experience.


In any discussion about operating systems, it would be remiss to avoid Mac. Their legions of fans worldwide wouldn’t dream of touching anything else. But until now, the received wisdom has always been that Macs are better for creatives, while Windows OS does a better job on gaming.

In both these directions, it feels like that gap is narrowing. While macOS still comes second to Windows overall for gamers, it is becoming an increasing enjoyable environment for gamers. Our recommendation would be that if you’re looking at casino gaming and other forms of online gaming directly, macOS provides a more robust, largely virus-free environment in which to enjoy your gaming. The graphics handling is impressive and processing power more than sufficient for all but the most resource intensive games. It has some of the same customisable potential as the Windows OS versions we recommend, but in an arguably more stable environment. Although given the ongoing clash of the titans debate between Apple and Microsoft operating systems, we’re certain not everyone will agree!

For most people, the operating system they use for gaming is something of an afterthought, and far more likely to be dictated by the default OS on their computer than anything else. But with more critical thought beforehand, it is possible to create a system that is purpose-built for the needs of gaming, whatever you like to play online.

While for the most part, Windows operating systems still dominate as far as gaming is concerned, macOS is another excellent option for those who are into their gaming, particularly for casino gaming. By choosing any of these recommended operating systems, you benefit from both the latest in OS technology, as well as the most robust systems to handle the rigours and demands of gaming online.

DISCLAIMER: This article has been submitted via the PG Business Network and does not represent the views of Pocket Gamer.

Published on 15 August
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