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CES 2013: Hands-on with the Razer Edge

Handheld gaming PC with a full-size price

Product: Razer Edge | Manufacturer: Razer
Razer Edge Windows 8, thumbnail 1
We're not short of tablets that can transform into other things, but most usually involve some sort of keyboard.

The Razer Edge is different because, in addition to transforming into a traditional laptop via the keyboard attachment, this bad boy can mutate into a legitimate home console (via the HDMI output) or mobile console (via the clip-on gamepad controller).

And, unsurprisingly, it's this mobile console mode that has piqued our interest the most.

Straight off the bat, the Razer Edge is a top-spec PC in a tablet. And we mean 'top-spec'.

So, you can either opt for an Intel i5- or i7-powered model, with prices starting at $1,000 for the i5-powered 'regular' Razer Edge and $1,500 for the i7-powered 'Pro' model. Ouch.

That's a lot of money, but the Razer Edge can function as a full-blown Windows 8 PC, too (that's the full Windows 8, not Windows RT). And with an Nvidia GT graphics chipset under its hood, the Razer Edge is a serious bit of kit for gamers that don't like to compromise on performance one bit.

The Razer Edge's battery life is rated at around ten hours for gaming, with an optional battery pack available for those who require it.

It has to be said, though, that it feels rather big when you actually get your hands on it.

With its 10.1-inch 1366x768 display already making the tablet quite large, and then the gamepad controller bolted on the edge adding to the bulk even more, it's quite a bit bigger than your average handheld console. It's quite heavy, too.

It will certainly take a bit of getting used to, but it is perhaps a little unfair to moan about the size or weight when it probably isn't intended to be used on the bus or on a park bench.

What's important, mind, is that the controls are ergonomically sound, and that's certainly the case here. Not only can you get a firm grip of the tablet, but all of the controls are easy to access.

It won't take you too long to get perfectly used to the Razer Edge's large screen and begin to see everything else as a bit of a toy.

Thanks to the price of even the non-Pro model, though, no one in his right mind would consider this tablet / console / laptop / all-round gaming solution a toy.


Reviewer photo
Jonathan Morris 10 January 2013
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Aug 2012
Post count:
Paul Taeles | 23:55 - 4 February 2013
Those noting the price as a negative are incorrectly marketing this against the tablets on the market. I order to correctly price check the edge, compare the dollar sign against what's on the market that buyers will be comparing it against. Gaming laptops.

When you price check and hardware compare it to gaming laptops, suddenly it becomes much more affordable. And it's the purpose of this thing that also makes it a better buy than a tablet. My asus g73 still plays all games very very well and it's 4 odd years old. My iPad 2 is half that age and slugs around most triple a titles on the App Store.

When I get an edge sometime this year, I imagine so long as heating isn't an issue that this tablet will be playing my pc games for years and years to come.
Jul 2012
Post count:
Solm | 06:17 - 11 January 2013
Looks great but for the price it's waaaaay out of my legue.