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Gold Award-winning Rayman Jungle Run auto-runs onto Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets
by Anthony Usher 8/3/2013
Product: Rayman Jungle Run
Developer: Pastagames
Publisher: Ubisoft
Format: Windows 8
Genre: Endless running
Gold Award-winning iOS auto-run platformer Rayman Jungle Run is now available to download from the Windows Store for Windows 8- and Windows RT-powered tablets.

This version of Rayman Jungle Run features 50 colourful levels, which include the ten Potpourri stages that were added to Apple's Game of the Year-winning iPhone version back in December.

Your aim, then, in Rayman Jungle Run is to avoid Livingstones and other enemies; collect Lums; and make it to the end of each level unscathed.

You do this as either Rayman or frog-like character Globox, who was also introduced in the abovementioned update.

At review, we called Rayman Jungle Run a "fast, tense, beautiful game" that's "everything you loved about Rayman Origins, now perfectly suited to touch".

You can grab it from the Windows Store for £2.19 / $2.99 [buy] right now.

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