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Pokémon Quest cheats and tips - Essential tips for mastering battles

Fight on, cute mon
Product: Pokemon Quest | Publisher: The Pokemon Company | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Switch | Genre: Casual, RPG
Pokemon Quest Switch, thumbnail 1
Take Down, Tackle, Taunt, Bounce, all of the good moves, Pokémon is back. In a cube shape. And on Switch and mobile.

Yes, it's Pokémon Quest, and it's pretty fun, and if you want to make the most of your Pokémon in battle, you've got to pay attention. Yeah you can auto battle, but that's definitely not the way to win tougher fights.

Here we've got some great tips and tidbits, so if you're struggling against some of those bosses, take these tips to heart!

Pokémon Quest

#1 Big strong team

Big strong team do much damage. Makes sense, right? Right! As you level up your team and use stronger level Pokémon, your team level will go up, and you'll, well, survive that much longer in battle, and do more damage.

Yeah, this is an obvious one, but it's still important. If you're struggling to do a mission, double check you have the very strongest Pokémon available to you in your team, and maybe go back to older, easier missions to grind for experience.

There's one more important thing you can get from grinding…

Pokémon Quest

#2 Power stones

Power stones are unique to Pokémon Quest, and they act as simple equippable items you can give to your Pokémon to increase their stats.

Health boosts, defense boosts and strength boosts, with certain stones even giving additional buffs, such as an increase critical hit rate.

Gaining experience and levels will give you more slots for power stones, so continue to level up, and make sure all of your power stone slots are filled whenever possible.

Pokémon Quest

#3 Defensive techniques

You can rush into battle and mash away at attacks as soon as you're able, but that's not really the best way to go about things. Remember, defensive techniques are as important to battle as offensive.

Voltorb, for example, has Taunt, bringing other enemies towards him and making them ignore the rest of your team. It's essentially a bit of a sacrificial move, but lets your other, potentially less hardy Pokémon, do the damage.

Pokémon Quest

#4 All out aggression

When the time is right you really need to let loose, just pushing out out all of the damage possible.

All of your moves have cooldowns of course, but they don't last that long, and in these situations, often against bosses, you'll be wanting to use all of your moves, but keep a few things in mind.

Mainly, if there's recoil damage, the position of your Pokémon relative to the enemy, which moves might move you out of harm's way after, and whether or not you'll have time to Scatter.

Pokémon Quest

#5 Scatter

It might be the most important move in any battle. Tapping the icon in the bottom right will make your Pokémon run for it, and it's the best way to avoid damage.

Really, the only issue is that walls can get in the way, and will prevent you from running. Oh no.

Another small problem is that, if you're in the middle of an attack animation, the attacking mons won't receive the scatter order and will run into danger. Oh no.

Pokémon Quest


Reviewer photo
Dave Aubrey 28 June 2018
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