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Pokémon Quest cheats and tips - Everything you need to get started

Let's go cube abominations
Product: Pokemon Quest | Publisher: The Pokemon Company | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Switch | Genre: Casual, RPG
Pokemon Quest Switch, thumbnail 1
A new Pokémon game is available right now on Nintendo Switch! That's a hell of headline to wake up to, but Pokémon Quest isn't quite the big release we want. Actually, it's a free-to-play game. Sigh. And it's not based on Pokémon Conquest.

But that's fine! This is actually a pretty fun diversion, though I'm not sure it'll keep people stuck to their Switches for that long. It's best as a portable, mobile experience, after all.

But if you've jumped onto Pokémon Quest after all of the hype and news today, then take a look at these tips for getting started in this cube-shaped Pokémon adventure.

Pokémon Quest

#1 Cubémon

So, okay, in case you didn't know, all of the Pokémon in this game are weird mishapen cubes. Like, Voltorb isn't even an orb anymore. He's… Voltcube. Or something.

It's not a traditional Pokémon game either, as you'll be using your cooking proficiency to make meals in order to gain more 'mon, and battles are, for the most part, a fairly hands-off approach.

There's a lot to love in the game though, and some of the weird cube abominations actually look kinda cute! You know, in a radiated mutant kind of way.

Pokémon Quest

#2 Basics of battle

In battle you can have up to three Pokémon roaming the wilds, and they'll automatically hunt down other Pokémon and just beat the crap out of them, I guess.

Normal attacks will just happen as and when, but you'll be able to directly control the Pokémons other moves. Taunting Pokémon to get their attention with one, while the others focus on doing damage, and so on.

Take note of the Scatter button on the right, which will make all of your Pokémon run from where they are, which you can use to avoid enemy attacks. Though, walls will get in your way, the 'mons aren't that smart.

Pokémon Quest

#3 More Pokémon

So you want even more pals, huh? Yep, what you need to do is cook a high quality meal, of course. Back at home base you'll have a cooking pot, which you can throw ingredients into to make basic meals.

Each meal will attract different kinds of Pokémon, and you can make larger meals in other pots, which will attract even more Pokémon varieties.

It takes time for pots to cook, so do basic missions and objectives, and make sure to check the pot whenever the icon in the bottom right says you can for more Pokémon pals.

Pokémon Quest

#4 Quests

As with most free-to-play experiences, there's a bunch of quests to get you coming back repeatedly, both Main and Daily Quests.

It's simple enough to finish most of the initial daily and main quests, and of course, it's well worth doing for all of the rewards, so make sure to complete them whenever possible.

Pokémon Quest

#5 Decorative surroundings

Your main base doesn't have to stay plain forever, you can get to work on decorating the place as you earn statues and decorations.

Though, decorations can also be bought with premium currency, so you should try and save up and pick the ones you like. You'll get most of them from beating bosses, though.

Take things slow and don't feel the need to splurge on premium currency items unless you need to. Premium currency is best saved for storage expansions.

Pokémon Quest


Reviewer photo
Dave Aubrey 28 June 2018
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