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Nintendo Direct September 2017 - Live blog

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Product: Nintendo Switch | Manufacturer: Nintendo
It feels like only yesterday we were here covering the most recent Nindies Showcase, but I'm certainly not complaining. 

In some areas of the world it'll be an appropriate time and in others it's pretty darn late, however we're all here for one thing: the games. 

With more from Super Mario Odyssey promised, plus a look at what's coming on 3DS and Switch over the next few months, it's shaping up to be 45 minutes of class content. 

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11:48 PM - Of course, the presentation ends with a lengthy look at Super Mario Odyssey. We get a bit of a backstory as to how Mario and Cappy came to be partners, and shows off a little more footage of the curious cap in motion. 

In addition the kingdoms are being listed off one after the other and the next area, Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom (as previously predicted), Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom, and more kingdoms that will remain secret for now.

The long as the short of this section is - there's a lot in this game. A lot. Tons of things to do, to collect, and to explore. We'll just have to wait for more information to come about, or just for October 27th when the game launches.  

11:46 PM - Lost Sphear will be coming on January 23rd 2018. Sonic Forces is coming on November 7th. Resident Evil Revelations/Resident Evil Revelations 2 arrive on November 28th. L.A. Noire arrives on November 14th. 

11:44 PM - The eShop itself gets a super fast run through as titles like Steamworld Dig 2, Battle Chef Brigade, Tiny Metal, Super Meat Boy Forever, and more get a quick show-off. 

11:42 PM - Kirby Star Allies gets a bit of an updated look since its initial E3 presentation. Indeed, you can turn up to three enemies at a time into allies and let them fight with you. Coming spring 2018. 

11:41 PM - Dragon Quest Builders lets you build your own quest on the Switch, master the art of construction, and battle fearsome monsters while you're at it. Coming spring 2018.

11:39 PM - ARMS is next up as its upcoming update. It looks like Lola Pop and her new stage is finally on the way in Version 3, as well as the ability to re-map your controls. This'll be going live later today. 

11:36 PM - Square Enix is producing the next Nintendo Switch exclusive and it's an isometric RPG told between eight souls across eight lands called Project Octopath Traveler. 

Each character has their own path action and can choose their own story. You can play a demo version later today on the Switch eShop. Coming fully to Switch in 2018.

11:35 PM - It's all about sports in this next segment as we're quickly run through NBA 2K18, WWE 2K18, FIFA 18 (September 29th), and Pokken Tournament DX (September 22nd).

11:34 PM - Breath of the Wild's Champion amiibos will be launching on November 10th. 

11:33 PM - The arcade titles are finally on their way in Arcade Archives - the first of which will be Mario Bros on September 27th, followed by many, many more. 

11:32 PM - Flip Wars is getting a new update, packing a new online battle mode: class matches, as well as a magma-surrounded stage, and local wireless play. 

11:31 PM - DOOM will be arriving on Switch this Holiday 2017 and Wolfenstein II will be arriving in 2018. 

11:29 PM - Skyrim's one of the bigger names on the list this time around and we've just got some more footage of it, as well as a closer look at the Link amiibo additional content. This'll be launching on November 17th. 

11:27 PM - Arena of Valor, the MOBA battle arena game gets a quick trailer as the game's various characters and features are shown off. Beta test available for free winter 2017

11:26 PM - Rocket League gets another segment and will be getting some Nintendo exclusives for you cars, such as Luigi and Mario car toppers. Launching Holidays 2017. 

11:25 PM - We've got some new footage of Morphies Law - a body-morphing shooter which we covered not too long ago. Coming winter 2017.

11:24 PM - Snipper Clips is getting an expansion on the eShop called Snipper Clips Plus: 30 new stages, a world based on comic books, and a feature that lets you play the usual levels in a 'new way'. Launching November 10th. Also available as a DLC for current owners of the base game. 

11:23 PM - Fire Emblem Warriors gets a quick segment as more gameplay is shown off. Lynn joins the roster of characters. Launching October 20th in normal and special editions. 

11:19 PM - Splatoon 2 is next on the list as Kelp Dome has been re-launched and re-vamped, and Snapper Canal is a new area. There'll also be a new weapon called Tenta Brella which is basically a normal umbrella... but enormous. 

11:18 PM - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the first Nintendo Switch title on the list as a brand new trailer shows off the game, with more story detail and background information. 

This lengthy segment goes on to look at the in-game footage and walk you through how the game will be played, instructions, actions, and all. Coming December 1st 2017. There'll be a normal and special edition of the game and special pro-controller. 

11: 17 PM
- A quick look at the new orange and white edition of the 3DS

11:16 PM - Apollo Justice Ace Attorney will be coming to 3DS in November 2017 and Fire Emblem Warriors will be launching October 20th. 

11:14 PM - ATLUS has a few titles in the work for RPG fans. First The Alliance Alive is an all-new old school RPG, coming to the 3DS in 2018. 

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux will also be coming with all of its new content and graphics in 2018. 

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will be coming in early 2018. 

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth demo available on the 3DS eShop today.

11:13 PM - One quick look at the upcoming Metroid: Samus Returns. 

11:12 PM - Mario Party: The Top 100 will have you testing friendships all over again. The best 100 mini-games from all ten titles will have you battling friends in now time on November 10th. 

11:11PM - Minecraft will soon be available for the 3DS system with survival and creative modes, skin packs, and texture packs to make the game your own. Releasing later today on the eShop. 

11:10 PM - Layton's Mystery Journey is finally on its way to the 3DS. Already out on mobile, the 3DS version launches on October 6th.  

11:07 PM - Yo-Kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters is next on the list. Launching September 29th. 

11:06 PM - Kirby: Battle Royale offers a variety of ways to fight against all sorts of Kirbies. Coming January 19th 2018 on the 3DS. 

11:04 PM - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga has been remade for the 3DS with an all-new mode, Bowser's Minions. Available October 6th.

11:01 PM - Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the first 3DS spotlight titles of the day, introducing more footage from the upcoming games. 

A few things are happening - a new showdown is on the way, more Alola regions are waiting to be explored, you'll get bonuses by pre-ordering the games.

11 PM (BST) - The show kicks off with Yoshiaki Koizumi introducing us to the Direct. 

Reviewer photo
Emily Sowden 13 September 2017
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