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Lichtspeer cheats and tips - How to use every ability in Lichtspeer

The speed of licht
Product: Lichtspeer | Publisher: Crunching Koalas | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Switch
Lichtspeer Switch, thumbnail 1
We've been getting into Lichtspeer lately and we can't help but throw spears all day long - honestly it's becoming a bit of a problem.

But it's an issue we intend to overcome, in time, but that's right after we get to grips with all of the moves and abilities you can buy from the shop in the game.

There's loads to choose from, and you can equip one of each type of ability, allowing for a decent amount of character customisation.

If you've been wondering what the powers and abilities in Lichtspeer do and how they can help your game, just read on for everything you need to know!
Here are the attack specific powers you can buy and upgrade from the shop in Lichtspeer. All of these abilities are activated by tapping on the screen with two fingers.  

Trispeer, as the name might imply, splits your spear into three, piercing multiple enemies - or one big enemy. Very useful against the shielded enemies, since you can have spears rain down on top of their heads, with the right arc.
Licht hammer

The Licht hammer smashes through multiple enemies, instead of spearing just the one. Great for when enemies are grouped together, allowing you to take out multiple birds with a single stone.
Licht drones

Licht drones are a good way to ruin your accuracy, but if you're up against a big army then this is a good way to smash through the opposition. Many spears will fly out of your swing, and you can aim them at enemies. Loads of damage!
Uber abilities take a long time to recharge, but unlike the Attack abilities you'll find them to be incredibly damaging. If you're the type of person to patiently wait for the right time

The Lichtray is a short and sharp slice which wrecks through any enemies that are close to you. Activated with a swipe right, this is good for grouping enemies together and then smashing through them all at once.

The Lichtcolumn is activated by swiping up, and it's another fairly short range but incredibly deadly attack. Similar to the Lichtray, but better for aerial opponents.

This has a massive cooldown but it's easy to see why - the Lichtrain will basically wipe out all of the enemies on screen with a rain of weaponry. Incredibly deadly.
Defence abilities are, well, they're defensive, of course. You can activate these abilities when you're afraid of enemies doing damage to you when you're overwhelmed by tapping your character.
Das shield

Das shield is, well, it's a shield. It's a good defensive tool, but it also works for offense too. When activated, all enemies that walk into you die. Just, die. Wonderful.
Licht trance

The Licht trance activates some crazy colours on the screen, and you can get your headshot score multiplier higher than ever. It's not really a defensive technique, but it's a good opportunity to raise your score.
Zuper time

If things are getting hectic, use Zuper time and time will slow, as will your enemies, making them much more manageable to pick off with your spears.
Licht guardian

The Licht guardian will stop more enemies from storming on to the screen by placing a barrier of light at the far right of the screen, which shreds through any incoming enemies. Good for when you need a quick break from the waves of enemies.

Reviewer photo
Dave Aubrey 2 March 2018
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