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Dragon Quest Builders cheats and tips - Gathering materials and crafting everything

Everything you need in Dragon Quest Builders can be crafted in a few simple steps...
Product: Dragon Quest Builders | Publisher: Square Enix | Format: Switch
Dragon Quest Builders Switch, thumbnail 1
Dragon Quest Builders has finally landed on Nintendo Switch, giving us a bunch of blocks and crafting recipes and dive straight in to. So where do you start? Well, if you listen to us - which you should - you should start with collecting everything.

Making a thriving settlement is your goal here, and to do that you’ll need to learn to live off the land. Flowers, plants, trees, rocks and more are essential, so in this guide we’ll give you the low down on all the materials you need for your city.

So read on and you’ll soon be fully prepared to build a sprawling metropolis of your very own!

Smash everything

How do you pick an item up? Smash it. Absolutely smash the heck out of it, and you’ll be doing this a lot in Dragon Quest Builders.

You see a bunch of flowers? Smash them. The petals will make unique healing items. Pile of rocks? Smash it, you’ll need those stones for a variety of things. Picking up materials for the first time will also inspire you with a bunch of new crafting recipes.

When running around the overworld you’ll see a variety of plain objects in the overworld which you can harvest, like trees and rocks, and of course blocks filled with mining minerals. Heck, even soil blocks make good walls, so collect a bunch of them.

Teleporters to new worlds

Once your meagre island you start on has been more or less explored, you’ll need the ability to transport to new lands, which is exactly what teleporters are for.

Teleporters can be built and placed wherever, and you can use them to travel to new islands and make new discoveries. Newer islands will often have an abundance of new materials for your crafting needs.

Just make sure you have a good path back to your teleporter, or a chimera wing on hand to take you back home once you’re done.

Caves are your friend - unless you get stuck

Ahh caves. Now unlike in Minecraft, you shouldn’t afraid of caves - after all, you shouldn’t be afraid of the dark here. It’s just night time that’s scary.

In caves it’s the perfect place to find diamonds, copper, coal and more minerals that will, as you can imagine, all contribute to a variety of tools and items you can use to make your settlement better than ever.

The only thing is that digging too deep can make water fill caves and then it’s a struggle to get back out again. Keep an exit easily available!

Craft everything once

So you see a bunch of items in your crafting list, but you’re not interested in half of them? Makes sense, but you should craft them all once regardless.

Just like when you pick up materials for the first time, there’s a good possibility that crafting items will open up new quests of new goals.

Regardless, crafting new furniture and such will always upgrade and level up your settlement, as long as you place them in the rooms.

Take things back home

So you’ve found someone living in a wee shack, filled with furniture, that they’re just gonna leave there? Oh no, no need for that. Might as well take it back with you.

Chests and pots laying around in public? Useless I say, therefore they need to be smashed so they can be reformed once again back at home.

If you collect things like bonfires, pots, chests and other items to place them back at your settlement it’ll level up, making them more valuable at home than laying around in the wilderness.


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Dave Aubrey 9 February 2018
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