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The best deals this week in handheld and mobile

We all like cheap games

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Product: This War of Mine | Publisher: 11 bit studios | Genre: Action, Simulation
For:   Also on: AndroidiPadSteam
This War of Mine Android, thumbnail 1
Gaming on mobile or handheld isn't the cheapest thing in the world.

It's true that we never have to face a £60 price tag in any newly released game, but the limited marketplace of the App Store, Google Play Store, and PS Store makes it impossible to find genuinely good discounts.

And don't get me started about 3DS games, particularly if you don’t want to go second-hand.

This is why we’ve made a quick compilation of everything that you can find for a considerably reduced price out there right now. It turns out that you can actually find pretty good deals if you look hard enough.

Hopefully this list will make you discover new gems, or maybe even give you the opportunity to buy that game you’ve wanted to buy for months but your wallet wouldn’t let you.


Need for Speed Most Wanted - £6.99

Need for Speed is a well-known racing franchise by now, and this relatively recent title (only came out in 2012) has a staggering 84% discount on the PS Store.

For just under 7 pounds you can get this brilliant sequel to the 2005 classic, centred on street racing and avoiding the police in the process. Feel like being a badass? Here’s Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones
- £5.79

If you’re craving some 2D stealth action, you definitely should consider getting your hands on the bizarre Stealth Inc 2.

Dodging guards and barking dogs, avoiding traps and hacking computer terminals is just you’re your bread and butter here.
Click here if you’re interested in having it at half price.

Additionally, if you currently enjoy a PS+ subscription, I’ve got good news for you, my friend. You’re getting a 10% extra discount!

Skullgirls 2nd Encore - £7.99

Personally, the main reason I keep coming back to this game over and over is its superb mix of electronic & jazz soundtrack.

However, if that doesn’t sound appealing enough, what about a great fighting game with a brilliant hand-drawn art style?

You can find Skullgirls on the PS Store as one of the best deals of the week. If you like the fighting games of yore, forget your Tekkens and your Street Fighters. Skullgirls is the way to go.

Super Time Force Ultra
– £5.79

This light-hearted and nonsensical shooter uses time travel to add an interesting twist to the 2D shooter genre.

You’ll be using anything from Twitter to love to decimate your enemies in the strangest and most self-aware universe.

You can find Super Time Force Ultra on the PS Store for under half the price.

SteamWorld Dig
- £3.29

For under the price of a pint, you can enjoy many more hours of steampunk western platforming. This is one of the many cross-buy titles, so if you have a PS4, you get two for one!

The weird aesthetics goes great with a gameplay in which you have to dig out, collect, and manage resources wisely. We played this game on the 3DS and we loved it; I’m sure you’ll like it too.

- £3.29

Knock-Knock is a hand-drawn graphic adventure that takes place in a dark spooky cabin.

This psychological horror thriller sees the last member of the Lodger family walk around in their bed gown and a candle, solving puzzles and being terrorised by zombies.

If you have a resilient bladder for horror, check out Knock-Knock for under half the original price.

Nintendo 3DS

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival
- £14.99

I’m sure you’ve heard of Yu-Gi-Oh! in the past: it’s a Japanese TV show based on a trading card game with the same name.

Zexal World Duel Carnival
puts you in the shoes of the protagonist of the show (with the same name too) in a series of card battles.

Argos has a great deal going on at the moment. If trading card games are your thing, make sure to check it out.

Super Smash Bros.
- £25.99

What can I say about Super Smash Bros? You probably know all I’ve got to say – your favourite Nintendo characters, beating the crap out of each other –, everybody loves Super Smash Bros, particularly the latest entry of the series, which is also compatible with the Wii U version.

If you’ve lived under a rock for the past 10 years, you can always read our glowing review to catch up with the rest of the world. I’m sure it’ll convince you to buy this game as soon as possible.

Lego: The Hobbit
- £7.50

Lego: The Hobbit takes all the mechanics that we know and love from the Lego games and sets it in the universe of The Lord of the Rings. Or rather, in the universe that Peter Jackson set up when making the films.

In this game, you can play as any of the dozens of characters included in your roster, some of them being Gandalf, any of the dwarf company, Legolas, and of course, Bilbo.

There’s a pretty good deal going on at the moment, so make sure you get it before they run out of stock.


Tiny Rogue - £0.79

Tiny Rogue puts you in the shoes of a - you guessed - tiny knight dungeon-crawling his way to death. This turn-based rogue-like is very unforgiving and fast-paced, with each game only lasting a few minutes.

If you’ve played a rogue-like before, you pretty much know the deal – looting will grant you tools and abilities to overcome any challenge ahead, but what you choose to equip yourself with will make all the difference in each battle, so choose wisely.

If this sounds like your cup of team, you can have a gander at our review, or make the leap and purchase this game on the store.

Halo: Spartan Assault
- £2.29

For under half of the original price, you can get one of the spin-off titles of the iconic Halo franchise. Halo: Spartan Assault is a top-down shooter where you control a Spartan, an elite space soldier, in their fight against aliens.

This one is PG-approved, turns Microsoft’s staple franchise into an arcade shooter. Click here for the App Store page, and get hold of it.

Farming Simulator 2014 - Free (iOS & Android)

Are you a fan of simulator games? Have you always wanted to be a famer? If harvesting wheat is your kind of thing, then check out Farming Simulator 2014, which is now free forever.

If you’re not sure if tractors are up your alley, check out our review and make your mind – it’s free anyway, you might as well give it a go.

This War of Mine - £2.29 (iOSAndroid)

We love This War of Mine at Pocket Gamer, and this if our word is not enough to convince you, we hope this dirt-cheap price will.

This War of Mine is a heart-breaking story taking place during the siege of Sarajevo.

It attempts to portray the civilian experience during a war, instead of the aggrandised heroic battles and soldiers, and to do so, it puts you in the middle of a city in starvation.


Anomaly series - £0.79 each (Graphic Novel, Korea, Warzone Earth)

The Anomaly series has traditionally consisted of a series of stages in which you attack a base set in ‘tower defence’ mode. This is what Korea and Warzone Earth offer, and it’s a great strategy game set in cyberpunk futurist utopia.

Pocket Gamer is very much in love with these two games, having given Warzone Earth a perfect score!

Make sure you check them out! You can also buy, for the same price, the graphic novel that comprises the lore included in these two games.

Braveland - £0.69

Braveland takes you to a classic medieval fantasy with turn-based combat taking place in a hexagonal grid.

This fun and cartoony skirmishes see wolves, hunters, golems and knights fight each other like it’s nobody’s business.

You can find Braveland at a ridiculously cheap price here, or alternatively, read our review here.

Call of Duty
- £1.59 each (Zombies & Strike Team)

If you enjoyed mowing down Nazi zombies in CoD: World at War, you might want to check out the Black Ops mobile spin-off.

It features both zombie modes: the original, in first-person, and the arcade top-down shooter that came as a hidden Easter egg in the console game. Have a look at our review of the game!

Strike Team is another CoD spin-off title with an XCOM-meets-CoD approach to gameplay. Merging both top-down strategy and first-person shooting, Strike Team is a great deal with over a 70% discount. We wrote up a review a while ago, check it out!


Reviewer photo
Henry Vilar Martos 17 June 2016
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