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No PSP 2 at E3. Get ready for the PSP Go! instead

Two models rumoured – 8 and 16GB of flash memory

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Product: PlayStation Portable-4000 | Publisher: Sony Europe
For: PSP
PlayStation Portable-4000 PSP, thumbnail 1
Following on from the story of all time in which we revealed from sources close to the PSP hardware follow up that the device will be available before Christmas, 1UP has procured fresh information.

Sony must be like an information sieve at the moment, but apparently a source working on the new console has whispered that it’ll be known as the PSP Go!, rather than the PSP 2.

This obviously follows the naming convention of recent PSP accessories such as Go!View and Go!Cam, and that two models will be available featuring either 8GB or 16GB of internal flash memory - ditching the UMD as previously reported.

This source suggests the new handheld console won’t feature two analogue sticks, however, and will retain the previous D-pad and buttons alongside a single analogue nub (boo!)

Most exciting of all is the suggestion that over 100 classic and new PSP titles will be made available for download upon release, making up (in some small way) for the fact that your UMD collection will be obsolete.

This ties in with Sony’s sudden interest in testing out digital download distribution, and also with a conversation we’ve been having over on the Pocket Gamer forums.

Here, the notion that Sony’s sudden and welcome enthusiasm for the console it’s been ignoring for the last 12 months is part of its plan to put the Sony logo back on the handheld market. By drumming up news and interest in the PSP now, Sony is indirectly beginning its promotion of the ‘PSP Go!’.

Indeed, that’s probably what all these apparent ‘leaks’ are about. But it’s working, because we want one already. More info is expected at this year’s E3.

Reviewer photo
Spanner Spencer 29 April 2009
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May 2007
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Fraser | 08:15 - 19 May 2009
True but think of the power suckage. A handheld console that made use of blu ray or DVD discs would need its own separate trailer to carry the requisite sofa-sized battery pack.
Anonymous | 15:09 - 18 May 2009
has anybody seen the mockup slidy job - well that could probally acomodate a disc drive dvd, or evev blu-ray for a premium price and you be able to watch your fave film easliy without re purchising them
Anonymous | 06:33 - 30 April 2009
This PsP Have is SO cool I can go no Google
Anonymous | 06:31 - 30 April 2009
Who Do i work my psp
Anonymous | 01:09 - 30 April 2009
Great idea! Increase awareness in the PSP and get people to spend money on it, so you can make it obsolete and piss them off again!

I was actually excited about the notion of a PSP2, give the general thrust of rumours, but if they really stick with the single nub, they can stick the whole thing.