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Sony makes PSP compatible with PS3 DualShock controller

Resistance Retribution will be first game to use the technology

Product: PSP news | Manufacturer: Sony Europe
PSP news PSP, thumbnail 1
A while ago it was rumoured, but it seems now Sony has come out and officially announced plans to make the the PS3's wireless DualShock controller compatible with PSP, meaning you'll be able to play first-person shooters such as Resistance Retribution with dual analogue sticks and rumble support.

Joystiq is reporting that Sony announced the new technology, dubbed PSP Plus, at Tokyo Game Show. The feature is currently only planned for use with Sony's upcoming Resistance Retribution, but it's likely that once it's been introduced, any developer will be free to take advantage of it.

The feature requires players connect their PSP to the PS3 to then use the PS3's wireless controller.

As far as new features go, it's an interesting one in terms of the possibilities it could bring to PSP but many will wonder if it's been introduced for Resistance Retribution purely because Sony couldn't design the first-person shooter's controls effectively around one analogue stick.

And if that's the case, will the gameplay work adequately without the DualShock controller for gamers wanting to play it on the move (as you often do on a portable games consoles) or those who don't own a PS3? Also, if you do own a PS3, wouldn't you just stick to playing Resistance: Fall of Man (or the upcoming Resistance 2) on it anyway?

What do you think? Is Sony barking up the right tree with PSP Plus? Is is a feature you'd use? The comments section below wants to know.

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Kath Brice 9 October 2008
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Mar 2008
Post count:
Damien McFerran | 09:36 - 9 October 2008
Surely they could just make the Dual Shock 3 link wirelessly to the PSP and remove the need for a PS3?