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Sony reveals PSP Go! price and release date, $250 and October

Well, price in dollars and Euros, but what will the UK pay?

Product: PSPgo | Manufacturer: Sony Europe
PSPgo PSP, thumbnail 1
At last night's long and tiresome E3 press conference from Sony, the PSP Go! was finally (officially) revealed, introduced by Sony president Jack Tretton as "E3's worst kept secret".

The official announcement wasn't at all unlike that of the DSi, with the manufacturer explaining the incredible virtues of a relatively minor hardware upgrade, yet avoiding the difficult subject of why anyone would either upgrade or buy this model over the existing one.

It's US and European launch date was revealed as October 1st, which is a little sooner than we anticipated, and although no mention was made regarding variations, Kaz Hirai brought a white cased PSP Go! out of his pocket during the announcement.

It was Jack Tretton's honour to reveal the price point, which is undoubtedly to be the deciding factor in the PSP Go!'s success, as comments on Pocket Gamer clearly show.

Naturally the UK was excluded, leaving us to speculate on what sort of wallet assault we can expect, given that the US will pay $250 (currently equivalent to £150) while Yerp will pay €250. The raw numbers might be the same, but this currently converts to £215 - a massive £65 difference between the two regions.

We shouldn't be at all surprised to see Sony keep things simple, and put the PSP Go! on our shelves at a nice round £250 (you know, to save confusion). The UK is generally seen as the Golden Island by the games industry, but hopefully Sony will have mercy on us during the recession and price the PSP Go! fairly. Probably £249.95.

One way or another, you'd better start topping up that piggy bank in time for October if you fancy a sliding screen.

Reviewer photo
Spanner Spencer 3 June 2009
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May 2007
Post count:
Fraser | 16:14 - 16 June 2009
A new 16GB memory card costs about 50/60 quid on amazon.

How on earth is Sony going to convince existing PSP users to upgrade to the PSPgo when they could just buy a new memory card and have all the same functionality (coupled with the chance to buy lots of steadily cheaper UMDs from the back catalogue) for a fraction of the price?
Jul 2008
Post count:
Spanner | 14:20 - 3 June 2009
So things could even out, pretty much, across the territories.

Still sounds way too expensive, but at least Sony is being equally unfair across the globe :-)
Anonymous | 10:58 - 3 June 2009
Kaz said it will be the same price as the PSP when it launched so thats £179.99 over here.