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Ubisoft confirms Guitar Hits for PSP

Digital lessons coming to UK axe grinders but Rainbow Six and Prince of Persia delayed

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Product: Guitar Hits | Developer: Sanuk Games | Publisher: Ubisoft | Genre: Music/ Rhythm, Simulation
For: PSP
Guitar Hits PSP, thumbnail 1
The latest UK release schedule from publisher Ubisoft has finally included Guitar Hits, the latest version of the company's long-running guitar tuition software that had been announced for other PSP-happy territories before Christmas.

Little is known about the actual content of the UMD, due March 16th, yet based on previous iterations you should expect a selection of popular songs with both music and chord notation – the fundamentals of any guitar tuition aid, true – but with the added benefit of being able to use the digital medium to offer additional helpful assistance, such as the ability to loop sections of a track or the inclusion of a metronome, for example.

Theoretically, the program could make use of the PSP mic peripheral to turn the handheld into a digital guitar tuner or even check your progress by analysing your playing. At least that's what we'd do if we knew how to program guitar tuition software. Or possessed any kind of musical talent.

The bottom line is that while we shamefully admit our initial reaction was a tad dismissive, once you think about it a portable guitar tuition program actually makes a lot of sense. Sure, the French publisher is targeting a demographic that is both learning to play guitar and owns a PSP, but there's bound to be a few of those around, non?

In related Ubisoft PSP news (in as much as they shared the same UK release schedule confirming Guitar Hits), Asphalt Urban GT 2 has also been confirmed for a March 16th release while, disappointingly, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas and Prince of Persia Rival Swords have suffered further delays and are now expected on February 23rd and March 3rd, respectively.

Reviewer photo
Joao Diniz Sanches 3 January 2007
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