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Burnout Legends
Mirror, signal, manoeuvre, smash... move over Mad Max, reckless driving has a new champion
by Chris James 15/10/2005
Product: Burnout Legends
Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Format: PSP
Genre: Racing
Players: 1-6
Networking: wireless (adhoc), sharing one cartridge
Version: Europe
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Ever watched Formula 1 racing just for the crashes? Go on, you can admit it, we're not judging you. The truth is we've all done it. In fact, we can't help it – more often than not it's the most exciting part of a race! It's an intrinsic human instinct (presumably forged shortly after the creation of the wheel), the same one that ensures there's always a tailback on the opposite side of the motorway to a major accident and the one that will ensure you'll rarely be able to play Burnout Legends without a smile on your face.

This game doesn't simply celebrate dangerous driving, it positively revels in it, encouraging ever more reckless antics behind the wheel. From power-sliding around corners, playing chicken with oncoming traffic and forcing opponents into a wall, if there's something wildly inadvisable that can be done in a motor vehicle then you can be sure that Burnout Legends will egg you on and reward you for it. And you can be equally sure that you'll love every second, as this is without doubt the most adrenalin-packed, thrilling and downright fun-filled game we've yet witnessed on the PSP. You'll barely have time to admire the shiny paint job on your latest vehicle, never mind appreciate the view of the gorgeously detailed scenery before you've experienced your first glorious shunt that sends sparks across your paintwork. Your first 'spectacular takedown' (the term used for removing opponent's cars from the road with maximum prejudice) is likely to follow in short order and soon after, as you savour the slow-motion sight of said competitor's car sailing through the air, wheels and bodywork flying in all directions, you'll be hooked. ...
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Insane action piles head-long into great presentation and gets flattened by literally hundreds of levels – it's an undisputed smash!
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 9
Value: 9
Innovation: 7
Overall: 9
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