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Try and survive a zombie outbreak later this summer in PS Vita auto-run beat-'em-up ZRun
by Anthony Usher 21/6/2013
Product: ZRun
Publisher: Beatshapers
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Action
Over on the EU PlayStation Blog, CEO of developer Beatshapers Alexey Menshikov has announced a brand-new third-person beat-'em-up for PS Vita called ZRun.

In this upcoming title, you're thrust into the shoes of a young vacationing college student, who's caught up in a world-ending outbreak.

Put simply, your aim is to survive.

ZRun isn't a traditional beat-'em-up, mind.

You see, your on-screen avatar will move forwards on his own, leaving you to guide him around dangerous obstacles and hordes of zombies.

If you choose to, though, you can fight any members of the walking dead that stand in your way using bats, machetes, guitars, and automatic rifles. However, you'll quickly deplete your stamina stores if you do, which will leave you unable to leap obstacles.

Beatshapers will release ZRun on PS Vita later this summer.
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