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Worms Revolution Extreme

For: PS Vita
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Time to add more words to the end of 'Worms'

Product: Worms Revolution Extreme | Publisher: Team17 | Format: PS Vita | Genre: Action | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Worms Revolution Extreme PS Vita, thumbnail 1
I've played a lot of Worms in my life. From the humble beginnings of the original PC release to the ultra-bloated haphazardous releases of the modern age, the Worms franchise has had more incarnations than you've had games consoles.

Worms Revolution Extreme
is a re-release of last year's "back to its roots" launch, but this time for PS Vita.

If you're currently asking, "What the heck is Worms?", then this game is for you. Conversely, if you're sick to death of hearing about the umpteenth release, you'd best steer clear.

We're wiggly, we're wriggly, we're gonna get you giggly

Over a series of randomly generated levels, you're asked to wiggle around as a team of worms, using bazookas, grenades, and so on to kill the opposing worms in turn-based 2D fashion.

It's a neat, simple concept, and one that has carried the franchise for nearly two decades. Watching worms explode all over the place and fall in the drink is hilarious, and some of the sillier weapons, such as the Holy Hand Grenade, are always a good for a laugh.

Worms Revolution Extreme piles on the content with force -especially if you're a single player. There are multiple modes to hack away at, including a mixture of classic Worms action against AIs and more puzzle-orientated levels.

The puzzle levels in particular will be interesting to Worms veterans. These involve such tasks as carefully considering how to use the provided weapons to reach a specific spot on the map, or kill enemies around you under seemingly-impossible circumstances.

The controls are solid, and the camera mapped to the right analogue stick works wonders. The additional touchscreen menu selection for the PS Vita works like a dream, too, in particular for selecting weapons mid-play.

Throw in the customisation options, including the recently explored Classes system - which lets you give different stats and abilities to your team - and there's plenty of content to enjoy here.

Worming its way back in

Of course, online is where Worms really shines, and Worms Revolution Extreme is ready and willing to rekindle this wi-fi-based romance with numerous forms of online multiplayer.The leaderboards are a great addition too.

But there are graphical issues. The framerate is constantly dropping below the level you'd expect of a PS Vita game, while the menu system feels unresponsive at best.

Meanwhile, the 3D visuals have ugly edges that are clearly visible throughout play. And the lengthy loading times are often a nuisance - especially when you're looking to quickly reload a single-player mission or puzzle.

And, of course, there's the same issue that has overshadowed the Worms series for years - you can't quite shake the feeling that you've just paid money for something you've already bought.

Sure, Worms Revolution Extreme has some new features, like the class system and the throwaway Treasure Mode - but the core gameplay has barely changed since the days of Worms 2.

So here's the deal: if you've played Worms before but you're desperate for a handheld version, this will do. If you've never played Worms before, this is a reasonable place to start. But if you've played Worms before and you're hoping for the revolution promised in the title of this game, you'll be sorely disappointed.
Worms Revolution Extreme
Reviewer photo
Mike Rose | 7 October 2013
Worms Revolution Extreme is a good Worms game, with solid controls and great multiplayer action. But it is just another Worms game, and we're a little bit sick of those
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Oct 2012
Post count:
@arosbooks | 13:53 - 31 October 2013
Amiga was called a Personal Computer in a lot of the advertising guys - what a strange debate.
Nov 2011
Post count:
mr_bez | 14:22 - 7 October 2013
Just goes to show - however hard you try to please, someone on the Internet (or should that be "the internet"?) will always find a reason to complain! :)
Jul 2012
Post count:
@RaveofRavendale | 13:31 - 7 October 2013
I actually specifically say "PC" now to cover all PC types, after multiple similar conversations online over the years. Many moons ago I used to say "PC" to mean "Windows PC", but Mac + Linux users would get very cross at me for doing so - as a result, I began saying "PC" when a game was coming to Windows, Mac and Linux, and "Windows PC" when it was coming to Windows.

Since the original Worms was released for Amiga and Windows PC in the same year, I opted to say "PC" instead of "Amiga and Windows", mainly just to cut the word count down! Sorry it has made you misty eyed :D
Nov 2011
Post count:
mr_bez | 13:26 - 7 October 2013
I can't deny that you're technically correct, but this is a gaming site and in that context, PC normally has a very specific meaning. I wouldn't expect to see an Amiga called a PC any more than I'd expect to see a game released on the Mac App Store described as a PC game.

I think I'm mainly just showing my age, though. I still go all misty eyed when I remember my beloved Amiga 500 (upgraded to 1 MB RAM, with a built-in clock!) as that wonderful machine that had more, better games than any "PC" or console out at the time.

You kids today!
Jul 2012
Post count:
@RaveofRavendale | 12:59 - 7 October 2013
Ha, not reeeally... The Amiga was actually called "The Amiga personal computer" whereas an iPhone or PS Vita has never been called that
Nov 2011
Post count:
mr_bez | 12:33 - 7 October 2013
You could also argue that an iPhone or a PS Vita is a PC, if you're feeling pedantic!
Jul 2012
Post count:
@RaveofRavendale | 11:58 - 7 October 2013
The Amiga is/was a PC - I think you must be thinking of a Windows PC.
Nov 2011
Post count:
mr_bez | 11:54 - 7 October 2013
Errr... the original PC release? Don't you mean Amiga?