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Team17 working on 'ultimate handheld version' of Worms for PS Vita
by Anthony Usher 25/3/2013
Product: Worms (Vita)
Publisher: Team17
Format: PS Vita, Ouya
Genre: Action, Arcade
Debbie Bestwick, the managing director of Alien Breed developer Team17, has revealed in an interview with Red Bull that her company is working on a Worms game for Sony's PS Vita.

"One big Worms game we can mention is a game for the PS Vita that we are working closely with Sony on, this will be the ultimate handheld console version releasing later this year," Bestwick said.

Unfortunately, Bestwick didn't go into detail. In fact, she moved on straight away and began talking about other intellectual properties.

We imagine the 'ultimate handheld version' of Worms will be jam-packed with wacky and wonderful weapons, though, as well as plenty of game modes and customisation options.

More, more, more

The Worms franchise could be on its way to the Android-powered Ouya home console, too.

Bestwick revealed that her team are fans of the system and have been playing around with the developer kits that have been provided to them.

Worms wasn't mentioned specifically, but we'd - once again - bet our last fiver that this action-packed arcade franchise will make it onto the console.
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