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Next Uncharted game is Vita-exclusive card-battler Uncharted: Fight for Fortune
by James Gilmour 19/11/2012
Product: Uncharted: Fight for Fortune
Developer: One Loop Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: PS Vita
The next game in the Uncharted series will be a Vita exclusive, and released next month - but it may not be the adventure you were expecting.

Rather than deliver another tomb-raiding, artefact-chasing, third-person adventure, developer Bend Studio (in collaboration with One Loop Games) will be delivering an Uncharted-themed card battler called Uncharted: Fight for Fortune.

The aim of Fight for Fortune is build a deck of Faction cards comprised of noteworthy figures from the Uncharted series - both heroes and villains - and then use this team to defeat an opponent.

From the look of the trailer, Fight for Fortune plays out very much like its genre peers, with players required to build decks from Faction cards, and engage in turn-based combat.

Play the hand you've been dealt

The trailer also hints at a kind of cross-compatibility with previous Uncharted title Golden Abyss, with players apparently able to utilise collectibles discovered in the pre-existing Vita game to boost card stats in Fight for Fortune.

According to the PlayStation Blog, this feature will require players to download a patch for Golden Abyss. This cross-game feature is not essential to actually playing Fight for Fortune, though.

There will also be Resource and Fortune cards to manage, which offer another way for players to gain special abilities and improve their stats.

The game will also have multiplayer support, and will cost $4.99 in the US. A European price has not been confirmed. With its December release date, Nathan Drake die-hards won't have to wait too long to dive back into the Uncharted universe. The question is, is a Vita-based card battler what the fans were crying out for?
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