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Top 10 most anticipated PS Vita games

Sustaining Vita-lity
Product: Top 10 PS Vita charts | Format: PS Vita
Top 10 PS Vita charts PS Vita, thumbnail 1
It's been two weeks since Sony's PS Vita stormed onto store shelves across Europe and North America with a host of stellar launch titles to back it up.

Whether or not you've had your fill of Drake's jungle escapades in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, beaten your friend's lap times on WipEout 2048, or turned your entire family into punching bags in Reality Fighters, the road ahead is paved with reasons to keep your Vita from gathering dust.

We gazed into our crystal ball, picked out the ten most exciting games heading to Vita, and listed them in no particular order. Get your pre-orders at the ready.

By Double Eleven - out this summer

We loved Sackboy's last portable outing so much we gave it a prestigious Platinum Award, so it's fair to say we're positively pumped about delving into the creatively bizarre world of LittleBigPlanet on PS Vita.

It's hard not to look at the Vita hardware and get excited by the potential of building LittleBigPlanet worlds using the touchscreen, rear touch panel, and both cameras.

An impressive toolset, to say the least, and one that should get those creative juices flowing.

Final Fantasy X HD
By Square Enix - out in 2012

It might not necessarily have been the Final Fantasy chapter that the fans wanted remade, but Square Enix has chosen to revisit Final Fantasy X for its maiden Vita FF experience.

Aside from the confirmation of a HD facelift and a stackload of trophies, the game's maker is remaining tight-lipped over the tweaks and features that could make the 10th anniversary cut.

With all the elbow grease that went into Square Enix's other remade classics, here's hoping some Vita-exclusive elements are on the agenda.

Resistance: Burning Skies
By Nihilistic Software - out on May 30th

While Sony Cambridge works away at Killzone for Vita, the PS3's second-most popular first-person shooter will have to step into the breach to satisfy the hardcore FPSers' bloodlust.

Making use of those lovely twin-analogue sticks, Burning Skies won't be a third-person action title like its PSP cousin, but rather an all-out "no compromises" shooter.

Sticking it to the Chimera with the series's signature selection of destructive weaponry on the Vita's touchscreen and rear touch panel should produce some very satisfying results.

Sound Shapes
By Queasy Games - out in 2012

Now is a time to invest in a good pair of headphones: a pair of comfy cans in which all music sounds just that little bit better.

You'll thank us for this advice when Queasy Games's rhythmic platformer Sound Shapes turns up on Vita. Using all the elements of the Vita's hardware, you create tunes that in turn create levels to be shared among friends.

There are definitely echoes of LittleBigPlanet's "create, play, share" mantra in Sound Shapes, though the game's more indie edge makes it so much cooler than the former. Obviously.

Street Fighter X Tekken
By Capcom - out this autumn

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
may have been the first crossover bust-up to stake a claim on the Vita, but Street Fighter X Tekken's primed to be a c-c-c-combo breaker!

It's got Street Fighter's solid fighting mechanics, that beautiful brush stoke art style, and guest appearances from such gaming luminaries as inFamous's electrifying hero / villain Cole MacGrath, the ghost-chomping Pac-Man, and Capcom's ill-fated Mega Man.

Love it or hate it, it'll be a punch-up to remember.

Gravity Rush
By Sony Japan Studio - out on June 13th

Keiichiro Toyama may have cut his teeth designing survival-horror favourites Silent Hill and Siren, but he's toning down the chilling suspense for his Vita debut: Gravity Rush.

In this floating world plagued by shadowy creatures, you play Kat, a girl with no memory but a knack for controlling gravity. This allows her to walk up walls and hurtle around the city of Hekesville without drawing breath.

It seems a little quirky, but judging by the rave reviews coming out of Japan, 'quirky' seems like a very good thing indeed.

Call of Duty (working title)
By Activision - out this autumn

Announced alongside Sony's powerful handheld (back when we all called it the NGP), Call of Duty will no doubt be the device's hottest commodity when Activision launches it later this year.

Though little is known about the popular shooter's Vita debut - no word on the dev studio, no timeframe, not so much as a subtitle to go off - the thought of a portable Call of Duty that's on a par with its console brethren should have your trigger fingers twitching right now.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
By Warner Bros - out on May 4th

Another legendary fighter joining the Vita's ranks this spring is the gory beat-'em-up Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is a monster package that'll include the entire home console Mortal Kombat back catalogue, as well as a wealth of downloadable content (from characters to costumes).

Those who've waited patiently for the Vita version will also benefit from a second Challenge Tower featuring 150 touchscreen and gyro-controlled challenges. Finally, the integration of augmented reality into the game means you'll be able to settle office squabbles with a gory fatality splattered across your desk.

Metal Gear Solid Collection
By Kojima Productions - out in 2012

Yeah, the 3DS might be getting a port of arguably the best of Snake's adventures, but this three-in-one deal trounces it.

Not only will it feature upscaled versions of the critically acclaimed Snake Eater, the bait-and-switching trickery of Sons of Liberty, and (possibly) previous portable outing Peace Walker, but it will also include a couple of Vita tweaks.

Series creator Hideo Kojima has already revealed that you'll be able to slice an enemy's throat open by swiping your finger across the system's rear touch panel, so god knows what else he has planned.

Persona 4: The Golden
By Atlus - out this summer

Another PS2 JRPG joining the Vita's ranks this year will be Persona 4, a critically adored slice of the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Jumping ship from the PSP to Sony's shiny new portable, The Golden will be a full-fledged remake with new story elements, characters, dialogue, cutscenes, and a feature that allows you to call in players when things take a turn for the worst.

Reviewer photo
Tom Worthington 7 March 2012
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