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Bonkers survive-'em-up Tokyo Jungle Mobile is now available on PS Mobile
by Harry Slater 10/7/2013
Product: Tokyo Jungle Mobile
Developer: Crispy's
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Format: Android, PS Vita
Genre: Action
My Pomeranian just got eaten by an Alligator. He'd just copulated with a desperate female Pomeranian as well. Perhaps he was still high on life after his success? Perhaps I shouldn't have tried to make him eat an Alligator.

The take-away from this tragedy is that Tokyo Jungle is out on PS Mobile right now. It'll cost you £2.39 and while it isn't the complete console experience, it's a neatly distilled version that's every bit as bonkers.

The aim of the game it to lead an animal through a deserted Tokyo, eating, hunting, and reproducing, and earning points as you munch your way to the top of the food chain.

There are different types of animal to choose from, and your menagerie expands as you spend the survival points you earn as you play.

The grid-based gameplay is pleasingly simple, and you can dart around, hiding in long grass, marking your territory, and establishing nests in iconic locations around the megalopolis.

Tokyo Jungle Mobile is a neatly minimised version of the mechanics and ideas that made the original Tokyo Jungle a bit of a sleeper hit.

If leading generations of cats through the crumbling streets of a long-abandoned Tokyo sounds like the sort of thing you'd like to do in your spare time, you can grab the game on PS Vita and PlayStation certified Android devices for £2.39.
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