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Prepare for a Titan Invasion from Curve Studios in this forthcoming 2-game pack for Vita this summer
by Chris Priestman 19/2/2014
Product: Titan Invasion
Developer: Puppy Games
Publisher: Curve Studios
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Arcade, Shooter, Strategy
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Curve Studios will be porting more games over to the Vita this summer in the shape of a new double pack called Titan Invasion.

Inside this pack are Titan Attacks! and Revenge of the Titans, two games from Puppy Games that have been well received on PC.

Titan Attacks! is an arcade shooter with a retro sheen. Picture a more modern-looking Space Invaders or Galaga, and add ship upgrades and online leaderboards.

Revenge of the Titans, meanwhile, is another retro-styled game, though this one is a fast-paced mixture of RTS and tower defence.

The two games will only be sold as a pack (rather than separately). Titan Invasion is set to touch down on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita this summer.

Titan Attacks!

Titan Invasion is the third Vita-related announcement from Curve this month, incidentally. If you were wondering, Curve's other two recent Vita-related news items were about MouseCraft and Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition.

Apparently, Curve is planning to making another Vita-related announcement next Wednesday, too. Keep 'em coming!

You can find out more about Titan Attacks! here. And you can find out more about Revenge of the Titans here.
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