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Help strangers reach exit portals in critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone for Vita
by Anthony Usher 27/2/2013
Product: Thomas Was Alone
Developer: Bossa Studios
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Platform, Puzzle
Bossa Studios's Mike Bithell has announced that critically acclaimed indie puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone is heading to the PS Vita.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this Mac and PC title, it involves you completing a single goal, which is to safely guide a variety of characters to a number of exit portals.

Naturally, this becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress through the game and meet new figures that all have unique abilities.

You'll have to learn how to use all of these abilities (which include flotation, anti-gravity capabilities, and more) at once to overcome all of the puzzles that are thrown at you.

The PS Vita edition of Thomas Was Alone will be optimised for Sony's handheld hardware.

To wit, you'll be able to select characters and pan the game's camera around using the Vita's front-facing touchscreen and rear-facing touchpad, respectively, for example.

Furthermore, Bithell's indie adventure will support Sony's Cross-Buy initiative. This means that you can pay for it once and play it on both your PS3 and PS Vita.

Thomas Was Alone (which is narrated by British comedian Danny Wallace, by the way) will be out in the spring.
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