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Ex-Harmonix devs's psychedelic rhythm-racer THUMPER may come to Vita one day
by Chris Priestman 7/11/2013
Product: THUMPER
Developer: Drool
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Racing
THUMPER is the name of a chrome space beetle that travels at breakneck speed across daunting psychedelic race tracks. 

THUMPER, now in italicsis the name of developer Drool's debut rhythm-racer, which THUMPER the beetle happens to star in.

Drool is a two person studio of ex-Harmonix devs, which means they previously worked on Frequency, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central. Rhythm games are Drool's forté, then.

THUMPER's space beetle doesn't just run at high speed. It's constantly being attacked by a giant, supernatural being called Crakhed and its spiny minions.

With thumps, slides, pounds, and flight, THUMPER is able to dodge any danger. But it's up to you to react and perform rhythmic button presses to ensure the beetle's safety.

THUMPER's fast pace, and strange world caught our attention. So did the developer's promise of the game's launch "in 2014 on whatever platforms make sense."

We spoke to Marc Flury of Drool to find out whether THUMPER could possibly come to handheld consoles or mobiles one day.

"We don't have plans for that, but anything is possible," Flury informed us. "The game is designed with a controller in mind, so it's unlikely to see it on a touch-only device (at least not for the initial release).

"I think the Vita could be a cool platform for it, but we're focused on making a big screen experience right now."
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