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Superfrog HD

For: PS Vita   Also on: iPhone, iPad
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Product: Superfrog HD | Developer: Team17 | Format: PS Vita | Genre: Action, Platform | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Superfrog HD PS Vita, thumbnail 1
Whatever you think of Team17, there's no denying that the studio puts a great deal of love and attention into its back catalogue remakes.

Alien Breed was wonderfully restored earlier this year with HD visuals, interface improvements, and tons of new features. And now it's done the same thing for Superfrog HD.

This time around, however, age is very much a factor. While Alien Breed just about got away with feeling prehistoric, Superfrog HD hasn't aged well at all, and feels highly clunky.


You play as a prince who has been turned into a frog by an evil witch. You're tasked with rushing through platforming level after level, grabbing collectibles, dodging baddies, and winning back your princess.

There's plenty of content packed tightly into Superfrog HD. The main game has been overhauled, with fresh new HD visuals that really shine, and slightly altered level design that fixes some of the difficulty spikes that plagued the original game.

But Team17 is aware that fans of the original will want to play it exactly as it was, so the studio has included the original levels too, completely untouched (apart from the revamped visuals).

There's plenty of nice new additions, too. Frog Trials is an entertaining aut-runner mode that keeps throwing randomly generated paths at you and asks you to keep on running until the time runs out.

Meanwhile, a fruit machine at the end of each level allows you to unlock levels and power-ups, while a level editor is present to cater to your level-creation needs. Alas, the latter doesn't allow you to share levels with friends, so it feels a little pointless.


While this is the best remake that players could hope for, there's nothing that Team17 could have done to fix the fact that the years have not been kind to Superfrog.

The game just feels like a massive collectathon, with fruit and coins scattered all over the place in sprawling levels that lack any semblance of form or structure.

And the controls feel clunky and slow compared with those in modern platformers, which in turn saps the energy from the action.

The PS Vita version has some niggles, too. The stop-start nature of the loading times can be troublesome, and the fact that the action is squeezed down onto the Vita screen means that you'll regularly fail to see enemies in front of you as you rush forward.

There are some saving graces. The online leaderboards are a fantastic addition, and the graphics and extra modes demonstrate a characteristic attention to detail and affection for the source material.

But nothing can change the fact that Superfrog is no longer up to snuff. If you want a trip down memory lane then this may well satisfy you. Otherwise, there are plenty of platformers on Vita right now that are far more enjoyable.
Superfrog HD
Reviewer photo
Mike Rose | 29 July 2013
While Superfrog hasn't aged well at all, this HD remake is worth splashing out on if you're up for some classic Amiga platforming
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Jul 2013
Post count:
AlienStorm72 | 13:03 - 6 August 2013
I really enjoyed this game (on the Vita). Great playability, a joy to look at and listen to. On par with the best platformers on any system. Maybe a tad to easy (this only shows how well the controllers evolved over the past 20 years). Sadly I'm missing the original graphics and maybe a 2-player versus mode would have been nice (like Sonic 2 had). Easy trophies though...
Feb 2013
Post count:
@xxxAcesHighxxx | 23:34 - 1 August 2013
Thanks for posting your initial impressions Tiel.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't seem to shake the irresistible temptation to partake of a heartwarming stroll down Memory Lane. And when coupled with the plesantly surprising inclusion of an introductory PS+ discount, I inevitably succumbed to Superfrog's whimsical charms and eventually hit the buy button (very) late last night.

I must say though, I'm not at all sure that I was expecting said stroll to be quite so leisurely!? Tiel is spot on, Team 17 appear to have stripped back pretty much every last drop of challenge, difficulty, and most disappointing of all, as a result, fun. I guess there's nothing for it, but to knuckle down and unlock the original levels, but I so wish they were there from the get go. For the most part, I tend to prefer my 2D platformers (particularly the oldies) devilishly difficult and fantastically fiendish, so I'll be sure to unlock the good stuff as a matter of the utmost urgency.

Having said all that, and despite barely managing to squeeze half an hour with Superfrog into my schedule today, do I regret splashing out on T17 latest foray onto PSN?

Absolutely, unequivocally, my response has to be ESCAR-NO!

** Now of course I am well aware that escargot is the frankly disturbing French delicacy of snails, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't think of a witty one-liner using 'cuisses de grenouille'. Never mind ;-) **
Sep 2011
Post count:
Tiel | 18:02 - 1 August 2013
Impressions as promised
Great graphical update. Smooth and responsive. Lots of content. Cross buy. Very fair price.
Prefer it on vita- it fits the screen size and immediacy better. I also found this with sine mora. It's easier to take it all in on vita and easier on the eye and brain!
The new levels are basically the old levels with the challenge removed. You can't access original levels straight away which is a shame as its too easy in new flavour.
Without the nostalgia factor I'd think it good but not a class leader like Rayman or lbp. It's weathered better than a lot of platforms rs from the same era- including sonic(but mario has weathered better)
If tempted you are unlikely to be disappointed at this price.
Sep 2011
Post count:
Tiel | 15:56 - 29 July 2013
Thanks, mike. I think the nostalgia will add enjoyment for me. I did look at videos of team 17s project x on YouTube as I remember that being awesome, but the vids convinced me it may not be awesome as a straight port.
Aces I think its 6.49 gbp. Not sure if plus discount but that's not ,much anyway.
Also looking forward to worms on vita despite not following the series since the Amiga days.
Seems like the next 6 months will be great for the vita, though the next plus update is the worst yet for me and my vita.
Jul 2012
Post count:
@RaveofRavendale | 15:10 - 29 July 2013
Hey Tiel, Aces,

as noted, I do think this is a fantastic remake. However, I'm reviewing the game as it stands now in 2013, and from my own personal point of view, it has aged badly. Of course, if you absolutely adored Superfrog back in the day, you're probably going to get a huge amount of enjoyment out of it either way - I don't remember thinking the original was that incredible in the first place, so you can take from that what you will!

In any case, a 6/10 isn't a bad score!
Jul 2013
Post count:
AlienStorm72 | 14:51 - 29 July 2013
Feb 2013
Post count:
@xxxAcesHighxxx | 14:20 - 29 July 2013
How much is it Tiel, do you know?
Feb 2013
Post count:
@xxxAcesHighxxx | 12:43 - 29 July 2013
Hi Tiel, Mike. I too look back with entirely fond memories of Team17's wonderful Superfrog, and despite any flies in this Vita ports ointment, I'll be jumping all over this classiqu
Sep 2011
Post count:
Tiel | 09:53 - 29 July 2013
Hmm. Thanks for the review.
I have very fond (rose-tinted) memories of this on Amiga, so have greatly looked forward to the vita version.
This is the most negative review I have seen so far. Not to say you are wrong, just hoping that the positives others saw out-weigh your negatives.
Still, good price so will no doubt decide for myself. May update comments after my impressions.