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Get ready to explode animals to defend an egg from alien marauders in Super Exploding Zoo
by Wesley Copeland 26/9/2013
Product: Super Exploding Zoo
Developer: Honeyslug
Format: PS Vita
Genre: Party/ mini- games
Honeyslug has just confirmed that its next project goes by the name Super Exploding Zoo.

You may remember Honeyslug from the gleefully cheeky Frobisher Says and the equally charming Hohokum (both for PS Vita).

In line with the studio's love for all that is bonkers, Honeyslug aims to take 'crazy' to an all-new level with Super Exploding Zoo.

In Super Exploding Zoo for Vita and PS4, you'll be herding groups of exploding animals to help defend an egg from alien marauders. How do you do this? By smashing the herd into the aliens and blowing them to bits, of course.

Super Exploding Zoo
will feature 80 destructible levels; an endless mode full of randomly generated levels; and a host of different powers and skills (depending on which animal you play as).

You'll also be able to challenge your friends in multiplayer modes irrespective of the format on which they're playing.

Though Honeyslug hasn't confirmed a solid release date for Super Exploding Zoo, we do know that'll it be out at some point in 2014.

In the meantime, you should really check out our review of the Silver Award-winning Frobisher Says. Oh, and then buy it. Immediately.
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