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Star Wars Pinball pinging onto iOS, Android, and Vita later this month
by James Gilmour 6/2/2013
Product: Star Wars Pinball
Publisher: Zen Studios
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita
Genre: Arcade, Film/ TV tie- in, Pub Sports
Good news, fans of sci-fi TIE-ins: Zen Studios is preparing to - ahem - launch Star Wars Pinball on iOS, Android, and Vita.

Having already released Marvel-themed pinball tables (which are available in Zen Pinball via IAPs), the developer has looked to a galaxy far, far away for fresh inspiration.

Working with LucasArts, the Zen team has rustled up a fleet of tables based around specific moments and characters in Star Wars mythology.

The first three tables - which will be released as both a standalone app and as Zen Pinball DLC - centre on The Empire Strikes Back, The Clone Wars TV series, and everyone's favourite bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

We have to say that the level of detail on these Star Wars Pinball tables is pretty impressive, and should satisfy even the most ardent Skywalker devotee.

Plus, given Zen Studio's impeccable track record with digital pinball games, there's a good chance that this will prove an entertaining little tie-in.

The Star Wars Pinball standalone app will be available on iOS and Android later this month. Zen Pinball and Zen Pinball 2 owners (on iOS, Android, and Vita) will be able to download the three-table bundle as an IAP.
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